JHAIHO digitalizes Tattoo industry for GENNEXT!


22112020 Bengaluru, JHAIHO:

  • Are Tattoos painful
  • What is the right design that suits me
  • What would be the cost of a Tattoo
  • What type of tattoo bowls me over- Decorative, Symbolic or Pictorial
  • Where is the nearest economical and verified Tattoo studio near me

Such questions do haunt most of us who seek budget friendly, out of the box fashion inventiveness.  To solve the basic questions the only solution JHAIHO is vocally a local initiative. It’s the poster company of the Government’s dream of ‘MakeInIndia’, initiative. Normally Tattoo is considered a western fashion statement and which is now available only to a few elite.

Few engineers with a passion for fashion made the dream come true for all with their unique mobile platform that has all necessary information at one place. Looking for the right design to knowing the costs involved, from tattoo to post tattoo care and finding a good place near you is clearly processed on JHAIHO.

Way2World had a sneak-peek into this Bangalore based organization and got a birds-eye view of their ambitions. The four member energetic team Gnan Ganta, Rohit Suseelan, Ajit Anand and Nagendran Nagaraj where eager to spill out their ambitious plan.

JHAIHO PRIVATE LIMITED was established in 2018 and has served 231 customers in 2019 and clocked 8.1 lacs in invoices. Post Covid the business is slowly getting back to normal due to their Covid Complaint initiatives. Successful in Bengaluru, the team initially sets their eyes on the fashion capital of India, Mumbai and then Pune, later plan to go global.

Being a StartUp what is the problem you are solving:

Most people dream about getting a tattoo, but they are apprehensive as many of their questions are unanswered and they find the process to be mysterious.

SO what’s JHAIHO solution:

JHAIHO is a comprehensive tattoo platform

– Appointment for a tattoo in a few simple steps

– AI/ML based recommendation engines

– Pre-evaluated studio listing

– Varied tattoo image collection via robust pipeline

– Dedicated tattoo helpline – from booking to healing

– Constant engagement with customers to ensure an unparalleled experience

– Self service merchant booking panel for studios
What’s your background:

We are a bunch of engineers, having passion for fashion, have identified immense potential in the tattoo and beauty industry and started digitizing it.

Actually how did you plan on JHAIHO:

In 2017, when we were looking for getting a tattoo, it took three months to figure out right tattoo artist and designs. We found a lot of people like us were looking for getting a tattoo done but there is no platform addressing the need. And that’s how JHAIHO was born.

Tell us something about your journey:

Due to an earlier failure we realized that translating our idea directly into a product does not work – it is a waste of money, time, and resources.

Bootstrapped with limited funds, this was a hard lesson to learn. We then realized that initially we need to validate the need of a product. For achieving validation, we used mixed methods of handling customers via the app as well as through direct human interactions.

This worked quite well for us. During the whole of 2018 – 19, we continued with this approach of onboarding the customers manually and helping them book studios via the app. This process helped us understand our customers and their needs.

Have you monetized your idea:

We served 231 customers in 2019 and clocked 8.1 lacs invoice. 2020 is not particularly not good so we pivoted our product and service to be COVID compliant and now we are slowly getting traction. We are expecting 30% month on month increase in our traction from Jan2021.

What next:

Currently we are operating in Bengaluru and in 2021 we are planning to getting into Mumbai and Pune tattoo markets. After our product attains maturity by Sep2021, we are planning to hit US market.

What about your USP to withstand competition:

Our USP is customer engagement through AI/ML and persuasive technologies.

Give your piece of mind to upcoming wannapreneurs:

Entrepreneurship is a journey and it is a marathon, get ready for it. During this journey, small and small steps takes you closer to your dreams.

You will come across a lot of challenges every day but every challenge will have a solution, just go and find it. If you enjoy this you become successful but never ever start this journey just for making money.

Though the word Tattoo usage dates back to eighteenth century, the art has been since much earlier across the globe. However JHAIHO have a definite advantage in giving the fashion thrills that are out-of-the-world, with exquisite designs and economical solutions for the GenNext. Way2world wishes the team all the very best and watch this space for more updates about such innovations across the ecosystem. Did you get the Wow! factor!

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