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Crowdfunding from CrowdPouch

14 May 2019, Bengaluru, CrowdPouch:

  • User friendly Crowdfunding platform
  • CrowdPouch beta version attracting clients from Western Europe and USA
  • #CPfundme2019
  • Founded in Germany
  • Soon launching in India

Want to showcase your talent globally? CrowdPouch is a platform for creative minds, small businesses and go-getters. CrowdPouch announces the launch of public version of crowdpouch.com, an innovative fundraising platform. Experience an enhanced fundraising experience with CrowdPouch.

In an exclusive interview with Way2World, Vittal Ramakrishna, Founder and Anastasia, the CMO briefed about CrowdPouch and the user friendly diffrentiators they posses that surpass the requirements of a successful campaign.

CrowdPouch, crowdfunding startup, announced the launch of alpha-version of the platform. The public version will be available soon. The beta-version launched in June, 2018, attracted attention of artists from Western Europe and USA. The success of the previous launch was used to analyze user’s behaviour and make the final improvements to functionality of the platform.

CrowdPouch runs the campaign #CPfundme2019 on social networks. Anyone can apply for a project but not every campaign can be listed on this platform, as the team filter projects by certain criteria and list only qualified ones.

So how exactly CrowdPouch helps startups save money for promotion?

‘All things in one, In the heart of CrowdPouch functionality is technology that helps campaigners to plan their digital promotion, suggest on a budget and strategies. Thus, we partially automate digital push for startups, something that usually takes thousands of dollars,’ said Anastasia, the CMO at CrowdPouch.

They say CrowdPouch engages backers to feel like they are part of a substantial cause. Their support process facilitates project creators to run a stress-free campaign, by using  guidance and expertise.

Founded by a team of crowdfunding specialists, CrowdPouch serves to reinforce the bond between the project creator and backers thus helping them build long-term relationships. The net result is an enhanced funding experience for the project creators.

CrowdPouch Features:

Dashboard – this is something new on the market of crowdfunding, feature that was craved by the community for many years. Now, campaigners can easily manage their campaigns through dashboard.

Built-in marketing tools – that is a major part of ‘all in one’ functionality of the platform. Campaigners can use all the most important marketing tools to see the ways to promote their campaign.

Instant Payouts – unlike other platforms, campaigners receive funds almost instantly without waiting time in all of the funding models.

Crowdpouch, #39, NGEF Lane, 2nd Floor, Suite no.285,Indiranagar, Bangalore, India  560038 Email: hello@crowdpouch.com

An engaged communityCrowdPouch team has built impressive media coverage of people who support the idea of hassle-free funding model for small projects.

Lead Generation – the platform specialists are crowdfunding experts who can advise on the suitable lead generation channels for a particular campaign.

PR Content and Distribution – behind CrowdPouch customer care team is a team of marketers who provides consulting to campaigners and helps to reach their goal.

What’s next?

‘The public version will show the efficiency of our efforts and whether we strive in the right direction’ – said Vittal Ramakrishna, the founder of CrowdPouch.

The heart of CrowdPouch is its technical implementation. CrowdPouch team is not ready to disclose all the plans they have for the next year, but from the words of the product owner, they use Lean startup methodology that helps them to listen to their users constantly and based on that make modular changes to improve user experience and adjust technologies they use.

Their Go to Market strategy for 2019 embraces focusing on bridging two large regions of the world Europe and India

About CrowdPouch:

Located at Stuttgart in Germany and Bangalore in India, CrowdPouch was founded by Vittal Ramakrishna, a Crowdfunding specialist, in 2017.

CrowdPouch has already helped its users raise € 10,000 for various causes. They aim to work with folks from diverse sectors across the world, by helping them to bring their entrepreneurial or social ideas to life. For more information on CrowdPouch, please visit https://crowdpouch.com

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