NumberNagar experiential learning solution for children

5C Methodology

16 May 2019, Bengaluru, NumberNagar:

  • Communication
  • Competence
  • Curiosity
  • Clarity
  • Connectivity

Education is one particular domain that needs attention from the intelligentsia to abridge, amend and innovative systems to yield qualitative citizens for tomorrow’s world. Though we have numerous educational institutes offering regular classroom academics what goes into the head is not assessable, because of mundane jargon that are either impractical or outdated.

Especially even interesting subjects like maths and sciences are taught in a manner that most students dread the very names of these. The reasons could be many either insufficient conceptual clarity and competence or mismatch of infrastructure and expertise.

The end result is difficulty in connecting classroom learning to real life scenarios which in turn affects the communication effectiveness and efficiency.  Does this mean our present system is inadequate to support the present scenario! If we conclude yes then how come many geniuses world over hail from India and have passed through the same educational tunnel.

Hence the best challenge is creating a system that embeds in every student’s mind forever.’ In the early 2000s, a team of motivated scientists set about to make a difference in children’s learning experiences. On interaction with graduate students, they found that the students lacked in-depth conceptual clarity in their chosen subjects even though they had advanced in their academic degrees. On probing the source of this lacuna, the team realised that the problem lies in the formative years of primary and lower secondary school education where all fundamental concepts are introduced for the first time.’

To fill this void and create a difference, NumberNagar, was launched in 2013 in Bengaluru. This is a uniquely designed experiential learning solution for children of ages 5 to 14 with the objective of making learning contextual, engaging and enjoyable, has been making waves in the domain of activity-based learning experiences.

5C NumberNagar

Their 5C Methoology firmly built on the pillars of Communication, Competence, Curiosity, Clarity and Connectivity, has been quite effective in shaping the future citizens through impactful after-school learning programme.

It has garnered recognition as a long-term, reliable educational partner from select-schools across India. The present scenario is 100 Schools Transformed, 5000 Teachers Trained, 200,000 NumberNagar students.

The highest validation that NumberNagar received was in the form of a strategic investment option from the Times Group. Brand Capital, the strategic investment arm of Bennett Coleman and Company Limited, commonly known as The Times Group, had acquired strategic stakes in NumberNagar.

NumberNagar believes, ‘The one thing that students lack even in a great school setting is, ‘consistent individual attention’. This is where after-school programmes can bring significant value to a child’s learning experience. When individual attention is combined with a robust learner-centric teaching methodology, after-school programmes can make a huge difference. Programmes that focus on learner-centricity and consistent quality of delivery have a good future to sustain a business.’

NumberNagar offers Franchise Programme in Maths, English and Science, Concept Learning Centres, Concept Clarity Kits for schools, Integrated Labs for Schools, 5C™ Assessments for Children.

NumberNagar is a dynamic solution that can be integrated into an existing school environment, and also can flourish as an independent learning centre.

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