ChemDirect revamps the chemical buy, sell, source process

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12 October 2018, Hyderabad: CHEMDIRECT:

An end-to-end solution would definitely go places, in any domain. Being an aggregator is the vision of normal online innovators. This space has been harnessed by many who have created  platforms that were domain specific. However they have looked into the technology competitiveness but failed in creating a market dominance strategy.

Taking this as a cue CHEMDIRECT, a Hyderabad based StartUp has designed a platform to aggregate Manufacturers, suppliers, traders, logistics and users of ‘MOLECULE SALES ECOSYSTEM.’ This global unique initiative is sure to rule the roost in regulating the space that has seen less formidable players.

CHEMDIRECT is the brain child of a doyen who has almost three decades of expertise in the segment. Let me introduce the founder Dr Chary SNB, who is an effervescence of energy when questioned about the ‘MOLECULES MARKET’. He along with his co-founder Dr Jhansi, are carving an indelible niche in the segment with their CHEMDIRECT.

With a gamut of services the platform yields a win-win situation to all the stakeholders of the Chemicals ecosystem. The data analysed enables even a commoner to tread in and buy as per requirements.

They envisage their vision, “by connecting molecules databases and manufactures network, sellers network, logistics network using Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoTs in India first and next the global.”

In a candid chat the stalwart, on an high ebb informed, “My StartUp CHEMDIRECT is developing chemicals business innovation that makes chemicals available to the buyers at cheaper price, faster, simpler and easier way on Chemicals Stock Exchange using Chem Nodes through sellers network, manufacturers network and logistics network built on hyper ledger (of molecules databases) blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things. It is disruptive, Peer to Peer Collaborative & Value Innovation Platform to enable Chemicals Business.”

Dr Chary added, “CHEMDIRECT is a Chemicals Business Hub creating value through chemicals business innovation”

The versatile chemical researcher informed, “At present, the chemicals market (India) is unorganized way and faces the following challenges:

  1. The longer credit period (pain for manufacturer),
  2. The complex transaction procedures (pain for both manufacturer and consumer),
  3. The longer delivery periods (pain for both manufacturer and consumer) and
  4. The pricing of the products (pain for the consumer).

We at CHEMDIRECT would like to ease the flow of business and smoothen the operations with the objective to create more profits to the sellers and much economy to the buyers. It would make buyers and sellers identify each other, with ease through the platform. And the authenticity of the products received, would be assured with technology intervention making it a profitable situation for all involved.”

The Chemical sciences expert announced that soon they are planning to organize an event to invite the who’s – who of the industry at one place. Watch these columns regularly to announce the details of the event.

Way2World appreciates the efforts taken up by CHEMDIRECT team and ushers that the platform would soon be a reckonable brand.  With inputs from the internet – RajKishan