Unleashing UNIFESTO 2018, right blend of ideation, fun, networking @exotic destinations


11 October 2018, Delhi, INGLU:

Students are the crux in playing a pivotal role in the national development. To fine tune them towards constructive development helps to achieve the objective.

No matter where you are if you are a student with an innovative idea and wishing to get it validated then UNIFESTO 2018 is the right place to unwind. This three day event is held in Jaipur on 20-21-22 October, 2018. Be there to reach everywhere.

What are you waiting for pack your bags and detox self from stress and strain while validating your concept as you slug out on a hectic scheduled exotic surprises, planned by the organizers.

INGLU an organisation by the students, for the students and of the students feels pride in announcing their annual event UNIFESTO 2018.


Punking minds for 3 days with ideas, motivation, experiences and notably fun, here we go to shake up your minds to unchain every imagination, with a promise to make every day count.

UNIFESTO 2018 is a 3-day event doomed with waggishness, along with greater learning by those who stepped out of their shoes and turned their entity, from sparkle to star. A scaffold and exposures that would help youth to step out of comfort zones, and prove to be assets.

We escort your budding minds with leaders youth icons and entrepreneurs. We will be having a great setup right up there to enhance the personality of every student.”

Pan India students are expressing their interests to be at the carnival. Hurry up as seats are limited and fun is unlimited. Be there at UNIFESTO to be known everywhere.

While chatting with Way2World the founder Ansh Sehdev briefed, “INGLU stands for ‘IInternship’, ‘NNetworking’, ‘GGrowth’, ‘LLeadership’ and ‘UUnity’. It is one of fastest growing youth network. We are not just a StartUp that provides students with internships but we are here to help them to grow as a whole through Education, Enhancement, and Entertainment.

We conduct workshops to guide them to the way of success. By working as a family, we help them in building team work skills and networking and this will also help in developing their personality. We not only work but we believe in having fun too as we are family so shouldn’t we have fun together!! So we have parties with all new people and new twist and yeah include conference too.”

Way2World is honored to be associated with this event and has also been a witness to the growth of INGLU. This students StartUp should inspire many more across the nation to enhance the inventiveness among students in a sphere of their choice. With inputs from internet – RajKishan