Unveiling IDLI MACHINE, money spinner for F&B entrepreneurs

New Idli Machine

10 November 2019, Hyderabad, IDLI MACHINE:

  • IDLI, a breakfast foods of Tamil origin but famous across the Asian subcontinent
  • IDLI was mentioned in ancient scriptures as IDDALIGE in Kannada, IDDARIKE in Sanskrit and IDARI in Gujarati
  • World’s First Automated IDLI vending Machine
  • Designed by Hyderabad based POSSIBILLION SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd
  • All hygienic and nutritional, hot and sumptuous IDLI within minutes

3 Idli machineHealthy morning breakfast paces brain productivity and brings in overall energy. One of the most favourite foods in the mornings is IDLI. Though originated in the South, the recipe is famous across the nation and even overseas. The reputation of this savoury rice cake is so vast that March 30 is celebrated as the ‘WORLD IDLI DAY.’

Courtesy: VD MEDIA

Due to the fermentation process involved in making the batter this snack is easily metabolised by the body and hence recommended by health experts to patients. However the process is mostly done in the background, hygiene and quality ascertaining is slightly impossible.

AyyappaHyderabad based POSSIBILLION SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd, started by couplepreneurs,   Dr MAHALAKSHMI NAGULABANDI and AYYAPPA NAGULABANDI have harnessed technology to give the best at your convenience. They have designed the WORLD’S FIRST AUTOMATED IDLI VENDING MACHINE that bounce out hot, soft and fluffy IDLIs. Made with the freshest ingredients for awesome taste, the IDLI’s taste is uniquely different.

The IDLI MACHINE automatically adds Sambar and Chutney to the plate, preparing the tastiest IDLIs ever made in the Whole Wide World. The side servings Sambar and Chutney provide essential nutrition for the body.

Now all one needs to do is select your plate of IDLI at the interactive touch screen, scan QR code to pay online using one of the many UPI solutions. Then watch the process of IDLI making through the glass window of the machine and out pops one disposable plate with two IDLI, sambar and chutney along with a spoon at a very meagre cost. All this is possible by using advanced technologies yielding quality and tasty products.

And for all those extra relishes of Sambar and Chutney, there is an option to get an extra cup of your favourite at an extra cost of course. The setup is user friendly and needs no space tech to use the machine to get your desired food.

Dr MahalakshmiThere is a huge scope for young F&B entrepreneurs who could install these machines at their outlets and start counting their profits from Day one. The most important hardship faced by hotels industry is availability of cooks and their loyalty. And this machine solves most haunting problem of this tribe.

The founders claim, ‘Join the revolution of fully automated IDLI dispensing under strict hygienic conditions. IDLI MACHINE provides a unique opportunity for small business owners & new entrepreneurs to make profits with low investment and low maintenance cost in a quick time.’

‘With IDLI MACHINE, you can become a Franchisee with minimum investment on your part. You’ll enjoy handsome returns with minimal risk as we take care of most overheads, and Franchise tenure reads as 3 year’

Automated Idli Vending MachineFor a closer look of the product visit the IDLI MACHINE counter at the MAKER FAIRE, at HITEX in Hyderabad. Watch the Revolutionizing Retail Vending with Robotics and Novel Model in action while gorging the sumptuous hot fluffy IDLIs. Launching the unique IDLI MACHINE today in Hyderabad. Way2World wishes the team a grand success.

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