Backyard happiness ambassadors ready to disrupt IND F&B topography

Hyderabad Backyard Food Co

11 January 2019, Hyderabad, Backyard Food Co:

‘Necessity is mother of invention’….. Universally acknowledged truth! Trying out new joints for sumptuous food is in our DNA. Especially people in metros crave for more and love more, encouraging many to serve them delicious delicacies.  This is where the story starts…..

Four friends fed up with entrepreneurial failures decided to hit the rocks with a new venture. Smitten by the entrepreneurial bug! They kept pondering over numerous ideas and then emerged ready to change the topography of the Indian food segment.

Thus was born BACKYARD FOOD CO…..Co-founders RAVI, PRAVEEN, PRANEETH and SIDDHARTH childhood pals, shared the same vision, to disrupt the street food arena. Bold idea, no funds on hands, as usual the StartUp cycle started from digging deeper pockets.

Started in a small place, as juicers, in the last quarter of 2017, today have five plus joints across the Hitech city. They have evolved into full-fledged food makers, delivering sizzling, delicious, hygienic food to customers who are regular visitors.

The menu is filled with national delicacies like Chicken Pakoda, Pav Bhaji, Bihari LItti Chokha, Gujarati Dabeli etc. However my favourite is their queen of the menu, Ghee Roasted Chicken which is done in Mangalorean style.



BACKYARD FOOD CO is ready to rock the national scene with their unique Indian street food brand using robust supply chain and technology. They designed unused spaces into smart kitchens.

The food ‘gets cooked using best ingredients in FSSAI certified centralized commercial kitchens under the expert supervision of chefs and food technologists. This is then packed using revolutionary retort packing technology which enhances its shelf life without adding any preservatives or additives.’

This food is transported to smart kiosks, across the city. These outlets are manned by trained team who courteously serve delicious food to customers, under hygienic conditions. The kiosks

are adequately equipped to serve hot and tasty food to customers.

Getting the chef and retaining them is a big problem for many restaurants unless the chefs themselves won it. Hence the central kitchen model suits well for this young brand to wire the entire city with small kiosks.

The team encourages youth to become entrepreneurs through their ‘BACKYARD BIKERS’ Program. They claim, ‘Our bikes have freezer, fryer, storage space, display cabinets, power sockets and many more features.

The food packets are delivered to the bikes from base kitchen. Anyone with couple of days training will be able to cook all our dishes as a Pro. Now you could start your own dream food venture with No Kitchen, No Chef.’

Moving at a guaranteed pace, BACKYARD FOOD CO is a StartUp worth watching this year for phenomenal growth. And do not get surprised if your street corner has a yellow bike restaurant which becomes the talk of the town. Soon across the nation, BACKYARD BIKERS will create a niche in the food space…..keep watching….mouth-watering cuisine……

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