Stilors offers designer on demand at your doorsteps

Designer on Demand

15 October 2018, Hyderabad, STILORS:

Most of us would have experienced the same issues with fabrics being gifted to us at various occasions. Normally whenever I receive such gifts I wrap them up and put them safely into my bureau. Then keep waiting for someone to walk in as my guest to whom I pass on that legacy. Even the most renowned brands of fabric had the same fate.

What could be the possible reasons for this ingratitude action of mine, I was seriously thinking.  The first reason that came to my mind is locating a good tailor, second going all the way to give it for stitching then again to collect the stitched dress. Amidst all these horrendous tasks in case the fitment is not okay then the ordeal is worse.

We men shop very rarely, on the other hand, the EVES affair is totally different. They spend several hours in shopping at regular intervals. And mostly all of us opt for readymade given the convenience they have. No waiting time and no stitching hassles. Buy them wear them whenever needed.

As modern trends in women costumes keep changing, many of them opt for a designer (tailor) near their residences to help them get the magical fit and in most cases it is just a compromise even after several trials.

Award Stilors

Probably facing such similar pain points, STILORS comes up with a novel initiative for women. They offer an aggregate platform for designer boutiques and innovative tailors. Just log on to their portal and select whether new stitching or alteration and then select the designer as per your choice.

And Presto! The STILORS team would take your appointment and visit your residence, to take your measurements and handover the fabric to the chosen designer. The beauty is they also get the finished dress delivered at your doorsteps. All this without you moving out of the comfort zone, liked the idea!

STILORS is the brain child of an engineering graduate, AJAY JACOB. In a candid chat with WAY2WORLD, he informed that he hit upon this idea while watching the women around. They take immense pain in getting the right dress for every occasion and to get the best design, suffer a lot with several rounds to the designer.

This gave birth to the idea which is just implemented for a small section in Hyderabad, mostly friends and relations. Based on their feedback they have updated the features of the platform and are ready for a launch by the end of this month (OCTOBER).

AJAY JACOB proudly announced that STILORS won the covetable grant from STARTUP INDIA event held in the city recently. Telangana State Innovation Cell conducted the event at JNTU in the first week of October.

STILLORS was presented with a cheque for Rs 50,000 and was chosen as one of the top ten promising StartUps that presented the pitch at the ‘STARTUP INNOVATIVE IDEAS’ session. The selected top StartUps would now be mentored, incubated and helped to rise funding through the program.

Way2World appreciates STILORS who prove that by identifying problems and solving them, would transform any StartUp into a brand. With inputs from internet – RajKishan