Start second innings post retirement with RETIREMENT JOBS!

01102020 Chennai, RetirementJobs:


  • Are you retired or tired
  • Retired but energetic to guide
  • Retirement is only based on age and not on skill set
  • Retirement announces the expertise of an individual
  • Have Fun post retirement

Retirement is just to your present job and not to living a dignified way. Most retired employees, especially from services feel tired of living without a 9-5 occupation. And most importantly well utilized expertise could benefit the economy in many ways.

Many believe that retirement is a milestone while many others feel an end of life. Everything moves on with time however positive mindset yields positive results.

We need to realise Retired from job not from expertise. Don’t let skills go down the drain, expertise helps society move forward!

With these words let me set the right introduction to our very own Make In India initiative, RETIREMENT JOBS. From the house of Chennai based, TESTWARE INFORMATICS comes ‘India’s First, Elegant and Largest Platform to surprise all Government Retired People.’

RETIREMENT JOBS, ‘This innovative specialized job portal will benefit all government retired employees. This robust & user friendly job portal shall facilitate companies and corporate to source exclusive data-pool of experienced and influential government retired employees for their job roles.’

‘The retirement age in India (58+) is one of the lowest across the globe. Irrespective of their retirement age, we can see people feel young and energetic at that age.

People are ready to extend their working days little further, but retirees don’t have a platform to find the suitable jobs which fits their experience and expertise.’

On the other hand, ‘Corporate don’t have an exclusive platform to recruit people for their advisory and management level positions Indian government is looking for a best solution to enhance the welfare of retired government employees.’

RETIREMENT JOBS is ‘an innovative and user friendly job platform for all retirees to list their portfolio. This portal will make senior citizen search, match and fix jobs at ease.’

RETIREMENT JOBS is ‘Worlds first AI powered platform for recruiters to analyse the qualified candidates, schedule an integrated video conferencing interview and shortlist based on the live performance analysis.’

RETIREMENT JOBS is ‘a comprehensive and dignified platform to guide veterans in resume building and attend unlimited online video interviews from home rather than multiple travel schedules at the age of 58+.’

Initiatives like are bridging the gap between corporate and experts. In fact they are providing level playing grounds to expert old personnel with high skill set and job expertise get corporate vicinity. Kudos to their efforts!

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