Enviro friendly Faster Charging for EVs – CELLERITE SYSTEMS

22022020 Hyderabad, CELLERITE SYSTEMS:

  • E-mobility market to reach USD 300Bn by 2030
  • Seven Million EVs by 2020
  • Biggest Challenge is charging on the go
  • On-Board Chargers, Off-Board Chargers
  • Safe enviro friendly economical fast charging

01 CELLERITE SYSTEMS Globally, Governments are looking towards electric vehicles to reduce pollution and curb exhaustion of fossil fuels. Though we should have gone a long way on these initiatives, research in arriving on a sustainable model created the void between need and execution.

However ongoing trends only suggest that there is going to be a tremendous need for EVs in all sectors. Apart from pollution, tons of foreign exchange could be saved by the exchequer.

The two dampeners that demotivate this segment grow at rapid pace are the high costs and lack of convenient charging ecosystem in the country. The Government plans to offer subsidies to subside the escalating manufacturing costs which in turn would make the vehicles competitive on road.

Innovators stung by the StartUp bug must be seriously contemplating over the immense opportunities in store in this domain. On these lines to create a sustainable charging ecosystem, CELLERITE SYSTEMS was founded by a team of ideators.

This Hyderabad based StartUp founded by SRUJANA RAGHUPATRUNI has designed ‘Faster and Intelligent Chargers for EVs that work even in tropical weather conditions.’ They are all set to take off with immaculate GTM strategies. The team has solicited corporate EV manufacturers to place their indigenous Chargers requirement.

02 CELLERITE SYSTEMS SRUJANA RAGHUPATRUNI briefed, in a candid chat,CELLERITE SYSTEMS is a deep tech company focusing on developing disruptive technologies for battery charging. We are fostering innovative charging solutions in electric vehicles, UAVs, industrial equipment, robotics, etc.

The core of the product development is based on the design of chargers to revolutionize charging for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Third-quarter, our DC fast charger manufacturing will commence.

CELLERITE SYSTEMS is founded by IIT and IISc Alumni. At CELLERITE SYSTEMS, we have a very dynamic, focused and technically strong team that is passionate about innovation. Through continuous improvement to be the state of art,

CELLERITE SYSTEMS are committed to creating maximum value and providing competitive charging solutions and services.

We are working to fuelling EVs and aspirations of better tomorrow!! As a for-profit social enterprise, we commit to reinvesting most of our profits to further our social mission.”

Concluded, “At CELLERITE SYSTEMS, we strongly believe it is now for tackling climate change. In our commitment to it we are also working on the various UN SDGs. We strongly encourage women in STEM and majority of our employees are women (SGD 5).

We are manufacturing chargers for EVs to support clean mobility (SDG 7, 9, 11, 13, 15). E-waste from our facilities is recycled (SDG 12).We partner with EV OEMs to hasten adoption of EVs and together work towards a greener tomorrow (SDG 17).”

03 CELLERITE SYSTEMS CELLERITE SYSTEMS received market validation “from being a finalist in SRiX Innovation Challenge to being accepted into the advisory track of startup school to being judged as top ten finalists in HYSEA Awards (Technology Innovation Category) the journey has been very interesting. Recently, we received a seed grant from POWERED Accelerator supported by Shell Foundation, DST and DFID. Cellerite Systems is recognized by GOI under the Startup India scheme. We have been accepted into the 2019 Climate Launchpad Programme.”

The product range includes, Chargers for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers, Electric vehicle supply equipment, Electric vehicle charging stations, Fast chargers and Smart Chargers. Bookings for DC chargers have begun and are ready to serve E-Rickshaws, E-Bikes, E-loaders, E-carts, UAVs, Industrial Equipment etc.

Way2World wishes the CELLERITE SYSTEMS team a grand success in their endeavour. This company will make the global heads turn towards Accelerated Charging of EVs while Long Charging times for Electric Vehicles would be a thing of the past. The initiative is sure to gain rapid momentum as the world is gearing towards e-mobility.

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