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03042020 Hyderabad, ACTIVESCHOOL:

  • What is the difference between education & Knowledge
  • How do you put book learning into practice
  • What is the industry looking from a fresher
  • How could you harness knowledge into life skill
  • What is the difference between your college and IIT
  • Why hands on experience

ActiveDiscoveryCampus 01The last day in college opens the gates of this enormous universe to the students and with fresh thoughts to grow exponentially, one walks out. However the reality faced is totally out of the book context. Without skillset one finds it quite difficult to fulfil even basic needs.

Why our education system falters on this aspect is a million dollar question, I suppose even the best of the top most intellectuals are unable to document a solution. Or the other way round is, the academicians are unable to realise where to start with….

02 ActiveDiscoveryCampusAnyways for emerging StartUps every challenge / problem is an opportunity and gives birth to an entity that designs a solution that is compatible and value addition to the society.

However the first founder who understands the problem and devises a simple and effective solution becomes the beacon of light to the millions who are stuck due to the impending problem

This is simply what ACTIVE DISCOVERY CAMPUS from Hyderabad does since 2013. Hands on education changes the mind set of every student and makes them ask questions on theory taught to them that enables them to find solutions in future.

ActiveDiscoveryCampus 03My recent talks with ACTIVE VAMSHI  (Vamshi Krishna Reddy Turupu), the ideating brain behind ACTIVE DISCOVERY CAMPUS was worth noting and hence has been listed below to gauge the nuances created by this concept to make the students industry ready.

After quitting an illustrious IT career, ACTIVE VAMSHI  shaped Hands on Education process that eventually puts knowledge into practice. The offshoots of ACTIVE DISCOVERY CAMPUS are ACTIVE STEM, ACTIVE BUSINESS LAB and ACTIVE FARM SCHOOL.

04 ActiveDiscoveryCampus“Our target audience are school and college students who would be offered workshops that enable and equip them with the most wanted industry skillset delivered by industry experts. We invite corporate experts to participate in this initiative to guide the young guns on the prevailing trends.”

“Our state of art infrastructure is built on a serene campus far from the city with almost a hundred bedded air-conditioned in house facilities, four classrooms that can accommodate 50 students and a massive auditorium with a two hundred seater capacity.”

Initially ACTIVE FARM SCHOOL was more on delivering sustainable education to students by demonstrating agriculture, society life and many more traits that were nowhere available in the textbooks.

05 ActiveDiscoveryCampusIn fact a set of students from a school who visited the campus totally lived on their terms with the materials provided by the campus. They built their own huts and made food. This experience has enriched them and gave a new dimension to their thought process. Such examples where students were tamed to understand the importance of practical approach to knowledge are innumerable.

ACTIVE VAMSHI added, “Children who visit campus are allowed to make simple daily utilities like shoe polish, soaps, crayons, candles etc. This exposure helps them expand their awareness on the processing of many products that are used in their everyday activity.”

07 ActiveDiscoveryCampusRecently an Engineering college students spent some valuable time on the campus. During this period, “They manufactured footwear and tried selling them to the nearby villagers. This experience checked their endurance and helped them realise their potential while increasing their confidence levels.”

Students visiting the campus have been a regular ordeal. Various colleges from the city make it a point to make this as a part of their itinerary for knowledge workshops. Apart from these the campus also delivers workshops on food processing like indigenous making jams, Jagree, oil, paneer etc.

However the latest offshoot is developing the technical domains delivered by industry experts to help students become industry ready is the idea in shaping. ACTIVE VAMSHI is leaving no stone unturned to make this dream a reality by roping in domain experts from all corners of the country.

For more info or to schedule an appointment for School, College, Corporate or Family trips, What’sApp: +91 9652222119 Call: +91 6300662113 or write to

This is an initiative that is going to yield education renaissance among the next batch of fresher. Way2World wishes ACTIVE DISCOVERY CAMPUS, a great and accomplishing future, because in their success is the collective efficiency of many upcoming ideators.

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