Zilli’s – Immunity Booster Recipe Series

02042020 Hyderabad, ZILLI’S:

  • Time to enhance body immunity systems
  • Turn to nature to boost body immunity
  • Concentrate on eating healthy and staying safe
  • Try some Immunity Booster Recipes
  • Ready to serve natural recipes

Novel Corono Virus (COVID-19) threat has made the nation stay indoors. This is the best time to introspect and increase one’s immunity. Going in this direction to give the best foods to its clients ZILLI’s has announced its unique set of recipes that are healthy and boost immunity too.

01 KD is now ZillisANUBHAV BHATNAGAR, Co-Founder ZILLI’s (formerly Kitchen D’lite) briefed, “With the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit us all globally, a lot is being said about staying as safe and healthy as possible. While taking all the precautionary steps like washing your hands, keeping a safe distance from others etc. may reduce the risk, eating right plays a major role too.

Taking the right diet should be our priority so that it supports our immune system and our body is ready to take on anything.

02 KD is now ZillisPresenting before you a series of recipes that might aid in boosting your immune system. In this series, we will share you one recipe daily. These are the recipes that you can incorporate in your everyday lives since at the end of the day, it is all about having healthy body and a healthy mind.

03 KD is now ZillisImmunity Booster Recipes

  1. Beetroot Juice
  2. Turmeric Ginger Honey Bomb
  3. Lemon Ginger Honey Detox Drink
  4. Dal Paratha (Pigeon peas flatbread)
  5. Indian Raita

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Stay Safe! Stay Aware! Kitchen D’lite is now Zilli’s!”

04 KD is now ZillisAdded, “Zilli’s is a step towards making cooking easy and saving your time. We bring to you onion and garlic powder for your daily kitchen recipes. It is 100% natural with no preservatives.

We work very closely with our partners and manufacturers, to ensure that every product is genuinely natural and is of highest quality, with no loss of major nutrients. Give your food the same flavor and say goodbye to peeling and chopping of garlic and onion.”

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Note: In this hour of caution, due to the panic created by Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) please follow social distancing and Stay Home – Stay Safe – Be healthy – Be Happy. This lockdown period is a time gap to introspect and upskill. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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