Ashoka Institutions spearheads innovation under aegis of Dr. Hafeez Basha

15072020 Hyderabad, A-HUB:


All engineering colleges are research laboratories with mentors (academicians) from all domains assembled at one place. However, most forget their strengths and run behind education than pursuing knowledge.

The government’s initiatives have attracted many colleges in giving importance to create an ecosystem that would germinate innovate StartUps on the campus.

Contrast to the environment around, Ashoka Group’s Ashoka Institute of Engineering and Technology has been giving the right kind of encouragement in structuring its Incubation Center, A-HUB, from day one.

Spearheaded by Dr Hafeez Basha, Director, an enterprising academician with acumen in converting ideas into successful enterprises. This multi-dimensional personality has been an asset to the institution.

Dr Hafeez Basha, is Startup Mentor, Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Development Commissionerate, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India.

This Mentor-of-Change at NITI-Aayog has a wide influential network that has been the core competence of the group in successfully organising various innovative programs. The Advisor at Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has been relentlessly working towards innovation harnessing across the various domains.

In spite of his rich expertise, Dr Hafeez Basha is keen in teaching aspiring youngsters about the niche of entrepreneurship utilising tech innovation. His ideology seems to be encouraged by the management that has found significant developments on all spheres, has given him a free hand in implementing the same.

Apart from being an efficient leader instrumental in churning out leadership among his students, Dr Hafeez Basha is also a serial entrepreneur, scientist and has mastered Computer and Electrical Engineering.

This two times recipient of “Young Scientist Award” in India and Nepal, was also awarded “Young Entrepreneur Award” by the National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED).

CEO AHUBDr Hafeez Basha and Ashoka Institute of Engineering and Technology share a unique ideology of creating level playing grounds to each idea that emerges on the campus. They also provide an ideal ambience for innovative spirits to prevail across the institution. This, in turn, gives rise to many more enterprises every year.

In addition to his hectic activity in his endeavour to help the society thrive on innovation, Dr. Hafeez Basha is a volunteer at Telangana Social Welfare Society, Government of Telangana. He also works for multiple NGOs like Kalam Foundation, Safa Foundation, Bihang Welfare Association, etc. for the upliftment of students from the economically weaker and downtrodden section.

StartUps that have sprung at the A-HUB include, Kaanthi, RoboGyaan, X-Park. More are in the nurturing stage and would turn into unicorns soon. Keep watching this space for more updates from the Ashoka Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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