Prof Dutta catalyses World Entrepreneurship Summit-2019

WES 2019

29 January 2019, Bengaluru, World Entrepreneurship Summit 2019: (update)

World Entrepreneurship Summit-2019, 2nd Feb 2019, Bangalore Hosted by Global Entrepreneurs Grid

Global Entrepreneurs Grid (GEG) brings to you ‘World Entrepreneurship Summit-2019’ in collaboration with New Horizon College of Engineering at Bangalore on 2nd Feb 2019 on ‘Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development’. GEG is a top-notch initiative of MTC Global to fuel the start-up eco-system and the start-up environment to college campus to connect-collaborate-co-create.

For Registrations: https://globalentrepreneursgrid.com/summit

Top entrepreneurs, mentors and academic stalwarts across India, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are joining as speakers. Over 1000 footfalls are expected. Top companies like INC42, Zebronics, One Pharma, Way 2 Wealth, Investment World, Dhaka International University, Talendeat Pvt Ltd, WAY2WORLD and many more have joined as a partner to the Summit.

12 January 2019, Bengaluru, World Entrepreneurship Summit 2019:

Connect, Collaborate and Co-Create is the anthem of the World Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, a flagship event of MTC Global a NPO founded by Prof Bholanath Dutta. The magnum opus event of the ecosystem is happening on 2nd February in New Horizon College of Engineering, Bengaluru.

This is an initiative of Global Entrepreneurs Grid (GEG) which is a leading resourcefulness by MTC Global. “Let us join hands, connect the dots and create new possibilities. GEG is exploring the possibilities to create synergistic efforts among all stake-holders to support the start-up eco-system across the world.”

The participants include 100+ entrepreneurs, professors, co-founders, 400+ students and 200+ general public and of course international speakers from various countries. “We are expecting a crowd of 700+ apart from that MTC Global has more than 30,000 members from around the globe,” claim the organisers.


This event would be an ideal place to network, update and enhance the scaling up cycle of a StartUp. Wannapreneurs would gain advantage, validating their ideas amidst elite gatherings at the event. Industry stalwarts and global domain experts are to grace the occasion with personal insights. The whole event is posed to be a total knowledge transformation platform to all involved.

For Registrations: https://globalentrepreneursgrid.com/summit

A glimpse of the visionary behind this massive operation: “Prof. Bholanath Dutta, Founder and President of MTC Global , a global think tank in higher education is the chairman of Global Entrepreneurs Grid (GEG) spearheading all its activities.

Prof. Bholanath Dutta is an Educationist, Serial Entrepreneur, and Visiting Professor in India and overseas, World Bank Quality Assurance Expert in Higher Education, Start-up Mentor, Coach, Chairman-Global Entrepreneurs Grid and Founder President – MTC Global.

He has authored 21 books, over 100 papers, serving in the advisory board of many organizations, B-schools and Universities in India and overseas. He is one of the most sought after speaker in National and International forums.

Prof. Bholanath Dutta has over 25 years of experience in defense, corporate, higher education, research, consultancy and start-up activities. He is a change maker and a force behind over top 50 path-breaking initiatives under MTC Global and thus adding values every second in Education Space cutting across geographic region.”

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