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27 January 2019, Hyderabad, EZSHIPP:

Imagine if you could deliver goods to your customer who had recently shifted away from your locality. In the initial stages of shifting to a new locality, we tend to go back to the old vendors to buy our needs before developing a rapport with their counterparts in the new place.

But how would it be, if the old business owner provides delivery at your doorsteps, no matter where you are……is it not a desired favor.

Delivery on time with precision and care at a little extra cost as we monitor our shipment movement on our mobiles is the need of the hour. Amidst the jam packed traffic snarls, its time consuming to go around and shop for gifts, with hectic schedules in this corporate jungle. Many a times we have missed some occasions due to these pressures.

With android shopping apps available in economized monthly payment modes, every shop owner would like to list the products to reach out to a wider customer base.

However delivery plays a spoil sport as man-hours are wasted and involves huge expense too, defeating the enthusiasm to sell online.

Identifying the problem and finding an opportunity that not only serves individual customers but also serves business owners to expand their horizons. SRINIVAS SERI and HARITHA SAMA have designed a solution for such issues as their USP at EZSHIPP INTERCITY LOGISTICS Pvt Ltd.

“We are an intra-city delivery company. Think of us as Uber for things! Have ever felt like you needed a delivery person to run your errands? Did you ever feel like your business can grow with a reliable logistics partner? EZSHIPP is here to solve individuals and businesses problems with deliveries,” brief the co-founders.

EZSHIPP is dependable Technology backed logistic partner taking care of unserved delivery needs of small businesses and individuals alike.

Started in 2017, EZSHIPP has brought smiles on 33K families by delivering 55K consignments with a team of 50 plus delivery riders. An awesome feat performed meticulously, gaining customer loyalty.

EZSHIPP shipments can be booked and tracked through their online apps compatible with both android and iOS platforms. Right now available in Hyderabad these techpreneurs would be expanding their limits to give advantage to many more customers across the nation. Keep watching this space for more updates on their success in the endeavor.

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