Travel elegantly as WeCcarryy takes care of luggage

Door to Door luggage carriers

06 February 2019, Bengaluru, WeCcarryy:

Every pain point is an opportunity, the thumb rule in StartUp Ecosystem. This has driven hard core innovators design newer products and services that enhance the living standards of humans.

One pain point, I had myself experienced while traveling across the nation was carrying my luggage especially when I am on a long tour.

Most of the times, I was feeling desperate to have a person handover my dresses at the various destinations I was travelling. Otherwise we had to carry limited number of suits and repeat the same at different venues.

On the other hand, we could go back and forth to replenish our dresses. However, this is cumbersome, expensive and time consuming.

Nevertheless, WeCcarryy initiated by globetrotting team Nayyan Mujadiya, Vandan Mujadiya and Priya Gheewala eased the process for travelers like me.

The trio proclaim, “We, at WeCcarryy, strive to provide utmost comfort to our customers by providing efficient luggage pickup and drop-off service at their doorstep. It is a unique way to travel where customers will book the service through our app.

Next, we will pick-up the luggage from customer’s doorstep and deliver it to his/her destination within 6 hours of arrival. This makes the journey seamless and smooth saving the passenger’s precious time.”

WeCcarryy was started in November, 2018 in Bengaluru. This Door to Door luggage Pick-Up and Drop-off Service is operational in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

The initiative takes care of major travelling hassles, like security of luggage, transit of flights and while travelling with toddlers. This is a boon for senior citizens travelling by themselves.

WeCcarryy helps the traveler avoid the extra baggage charges imposed heavily by various airlines. And imagine all this within six hours is awesome! Just walk away elegantly without waiting for luggage at the baggage conveyor or carrying huge loads…..

To avail this new age trouble free travel just call +91 8033948484 (or) Write to

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