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Millet Diet

05 February 2019, Warangal, Narmada Traditional Foods:

Obesity, chronic disorders and premature deaths are results of our sedentary lifestyles and trash consumption. Off late it is predominately advocated by global nutritionists to consume millet as many times possible in a week to keep disorders at bay.

Millet are nothing but small seeded grasses grown as cereal crops for human consumption. The forest dwellers, who still prefer to stay away from city-life consume millet and lead a doctor-less life. This is an awesome area to explore for young brains with sea of opportunities existing.

Millet grow naturally just by spraying the seeds without the need of pesticides, fertilizers or abundant water. If more farmers opt for these crops the costs might drastically come down predict markets.

Recently Way2World encountered one such women entrepreneur who was producing ready-to-eat millet foods. Narmada K the founder of Narmada Traditional Foods is a political science lecturer by profession. Leaving her flourishing job in 2011, she started millet food manufacturing.

When asked why she was so passionate in her endeavor. Prompt came the reply of a painful incident that forced her to take up the venture. Her mother suffered from diabetes and had undergone severe pain in her last days. Troubled by the demise of her mother in pathetic condition, Narmada K decided to wage war on the chronic disorder in a healthy way.

She started off with green maize and made packaged foods that were easy to cook at home. Initially she realized that most people avoided millet because they either did know how to cook them or due to ignorance of their nutritional value.

To address this pain point Narmada K started the unit and briefed people about the goodness of millet at gatherings. Today this women entrepreneur who bootstrapped her venture supports eight women in her team and caters to adjacent ten districts on a day-to-day basis.

The products compensate regular tiffin like idly, dosa and also have traditional foods like sambar rice and pulihora. Awesome taste and ease of cooking are the USP of this food manufacturer from Warangal.

According to her, millet purify blood, aids weight loss, digests slowly (ideal for diabetics), maintains skin glow, helps heart function better yielding longer life span. More such people must come forward with innovative solutions to save the mankind from the clutches of these dreadful diseases.

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