VRUPCHAR redefines immersive technology on World Hospice & Palliative Care Day 2020

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10102020 Gujarat, VRUPCHAR:

Every year 10th October is observed as World Mental health day And Second Saturday of October is observed as World hospice and Palliative care day but this time as the Second Saturday falls on 10th we observe both the events on the same day.

Many of us are already aware of the Mental healthcare but Hospice and Palliative care are relatively lesser Known to general public, to give a brief  this domain of healthcare primarily focuses on providing  care and comfort to patients suffering from life-limiting illness.

In this article we will understand how the immersive technology such as Virtual reality and Augmented reality can become the integral part and enhance the healthcare infrastructure for Mental as well as Hospice and Palliative care.


Dr Manisha Singh Palliative Care Physician Gujarat Cancer Research Institute 

  • What is immersive technology?

Immersive technology refers to technology that attempts to emulate a physical world through the means of a digital or simulated world by creating a surrounding sensory feeling, thereby creating a sense of immersion. Virtual reality, Augmented reality and Mixed reality are the three main division of immersive technology.

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets also known as Head Mounted Displays (HMD) to project realistic environments, sounds and images that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual environment. On the other hand Augmented reality is a technology which is used to project computer generated objects in the real world.


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  • Emergence of immersive technology in the field of mental health and palliative care.

Immersive technology especially Virtual reality is immerged as an effective tool for pain management as well as to kindle the feeling of joy by diverting the patients attention to pleasant and breathtaking experiences which has resulted in reduction of self reported pain score by 30 to 50 percent and reducing the time thinking about pain by 40 to 50 percent. It also helps patient suffering from life-limiting illness to have amazing experiences like traveling, swimming right at the comfort of their home. On the other hand Guided VR programs have been very effective for treating mental health issues like anxiety, stress, PTSD, Insomnia ETC just to name the few.

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AR Application developed by Healium for Stress management

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*image to demonstrate use of virtual reality for palliative care at home Credit:Bayshore

  • Market potential of immersive technology in healthcare on global scale

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  • Role of VRUPCHAR:

The Mission of VRUPCHAR is to make immersive technology an integral part of healthcare infrastructure. We provide immersive technology services along with all the necessary technical support to healthcare providers to harness full potential of this technology for the enhancement of the quality of care provided to patients. VRUPCHAR strives to make adoption of immersive technology to healthcare infrastructure hassle-free by understanding the needs of patients as well as healthcare stakeholders and collaborating with hardware manufacturers, content developers and innovators to get the best possible outcomes.


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