AulivMojis, Gennext branding entertainment solution, posed for a massive patronage!


11102010 GuruGram Haryana, AULIVTECH:

  • How to blend branding and entertainment
  • Will it be great to own your-self emojis
  • Express your feelings with own emojis
  • How to scale up to the next level using Social media
  • Exclusive emoji with very exclusive content

Blending technology for entertainment is all about mobile Apps. However my recent encounter on the play store, kept me awestruck. Casually stumbled upon the AULIV app and could not believe myself as to what I could do using this app.

This is the perfect amusing app of the recent times that would surely help Gennext reach levels in expressing their moods. The most expressive lot of the present times would like this app for sure.

The company claims, “AULIV TECH, a communication-tech startup, powered by Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence. They have developed AULIVMOJI that can create 60 personalized emojis from a single selfie, instantly.


Your AULIV EMOJISFind the best personalized, cute & funny emojis to express your emotions while chatting. Get your AULIV EMOJIS from 1 selfie instantly with the AULIV APP. Share as stickers with your friends via WhatsApp & Telegram. And oh, you can now convert pictures from your gallery into really cool stickers too!

We at AULIV are focused on facilitating the highest form of self expression, in the digital communication space. We believe your conversations should be as unique as you. We use Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision to create highly personalized, visually attractive & interactive 2D & 3D emoji avatars from a single selfie in real time.

Our app, AULIVYour Personalized Emojis, enables users to create their personalized 2D emojis from a single selfie, instantly.”

The promoters reveal, “AULIV uses Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence to generate personalized AULIVMOJIS of users from a single selfie in real time. The emojis feature various expressions, outfits, dialogues and hairstyles.

We believe personalization is the key to build better brand presence & attract eyeballs. With customized AULIVMOJIS that reflect your brand, you can reach out to the most influential target demographic – Gen Z & millennial, in the language they understand.

What are the services offered by AULIV TECH


  • Exclusive emoji content for your brand – characters, outfits, dialogues, actions; centered around your product offering.
  • Fresh content for you on a weekly or monthly basis that leverages social moments while promoting your brand using your brand emojis.
  • Brand content featured on the AULIV app as emoji packs, overlays, backgrounds and more.
  • Personalization support – users can personalize the emojis to feature their AULIVMOJI with your brand content.
  • Personalized AULIVMOJI integration support – for app & website

Reach out to us at,” for a lucrative proposal that could help your brand scale up to desired levels. As an individual download the app and entertain self with the advanced features.

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