VREAP creating rural entrepreneurs with social impact


21 December 2018, Hyderabad, V-REAP:

Many innovative ideas spring up benefitting the society while impacting our lifestyle. And any advancement in the education sector is much appreciated by the renowned across the nation.

Very few have treaded on these lines to identify the wafer thin boundaries between education and knowledge. Inspite of being a thin line the results are awesome when erased, as educated survives but knowledged goes beyond.

One such innovative initiative is V-REAP a Hyderabad based social enterprise trying to change the rural landscapes by imparting hands-on knowledge based curriculum, after school hours, through its network.

The students gather at the local V-REAP center and get to understand the various concepts that no educational books teach. The very approach is inspiring and worth going into detail. V-REAP not only open the vistas of the young brains but also create entrepreneurs in every village / town.

In a candid chat with Way2World, Yugandhar Founder of V-REAP, revealed, ‘‘V-REAP is Volunteers or Rural Entrepreneurs Advancement Programme. V-REAP enables and assists rural unemployed youth in establishing business services in their villages.”

He added, ‘V-REAP is on a mission to build a network of Qualified, Competent and Trained Rural Volunteers who will work as Educators, Enablers and Counsellors, while being entrepreneurs themselves.

How do the V-REAP Rural Entrepreneur develop the skillset:

V-REAP Rural Entrepreneurs are trained and assisted in setting up of low cost technologically enabled learning Centre in their village supported by a cloud-based platform. This Rural commerce enabling platform will host tools, content and various revenue generation opportunities/programmes from different channel partners. We have created a Platform for continuous revenue generation.’

V-REAP logo

What does the Rural Entrepreneur Offer:

To start with Rural Entrepreneurs, give 3 services on this V-REAP network.

  1. Low-cost high-quality after-school engagement programs for children
  2. Conversational English through Drama and Dialogue Methodology
  3. Thinking skills
  5. Electronic and Robotics
  6. Experiential Science
  7. Youth Enablement and Women Empowerment programme
  8. Career Counselling and enabling skills
  9. Assist in Job search
  10. Entrepreneurial skills and facilitation services
  11. On demand competitive exams preparation
  12. Rural Commerce as service

What is the thought process behind V-REAP:

The entire initiative is designed to give the Volunteer Entrepreneur

  1. Ability to earn respectable income initially with multiple opportunities for incremental growth.
  2. Respect from community
  3. Continuous learning
  4. Autonomy of operations and earnings

Way2World and VREAP

Can you elaborate on the social impact V-REAP creates:

We believe in inspiring and positively impacting the Rural Youth and Women.  We are preparing the Rural Children for their Future Roles. We are helping the Local Community live better lives. We believe Rural Entrepreneurship is one of the best solutions for removal of rural poverty in India. Entrepreneurship demands an enabling environment to flourish.

On the whole, V-REAP is an initiative designed to give scope and opportunity to youth and women to earn a decent income while being Social Entrepreneurs in their own village / town.

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