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17042020 Hyderabad, TESTRONIX:

  • Laser Scanning
  • 3D Modelling
  • As-Built
  • Manpower Outsourcing
  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC)
  • Engineering, design and consulting

01 TESTRONIX ENGINEERING Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) has had a great impact on the global population. It has instilled uncertainty and fear amidst humanity. More than the destruction it has signified our abuse of natural resources that has resulted in such a pandemic.

Whatever be the reasons of its origin, the positive aspect is, it had united the length and breadth of the globe and slightly erased the barriers between people. Everyone wants to help everybody forgetting the various differences between them.

However economists feel that post COVID-19 the markets would be sluggish while great scions like Shri RATAN TATA, think otherwise. Walking on those lines we had a Chat with P VENKATESHWAR RAO (MD) (MTECH – MECHANICAL), founder of TESTRONIX ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED. This 2018 built, Hyderabad based StartUp was very confident about speedy recovery.

While exploring it was discovered that this company deals with very hi-tech requirements of global projects. With such sophistications any emerging StartUp would flourish, provided they deal with right projects, in most cases they would be sought out by global operators.

The founder elaborated the pain in the market, “Most of the industries are built around 80’s and 90’s using the technology of hand sketches or following thumb rules etc. After that, there are technological changes happen and industries started adopting the technological changes, but most of the industries neglected to update their office documents of technological changes and updating drawings.

In the present-day, the drawings or documents available with industries may or may not reflect the As-is condition. Apart from this clients also face the following problems

  1. Limited time available to gather any site information
  2. Congested and complex spaces where a human cannot reach
  3. Complicated layouts
  4. Laborious traditional methods
  5. Data errors due to manual measurements
  6. Outdated drawings

02 TESTRONIX ENGINEERING Under these dire circumstances TESTRONIX ENGINEERING is mostly sought by global clients. Because, “they use laser scanning technology to bridge the gap between site conditions and drawings available by developing a digital twin of any industry/infrastructure is its virtual copy and it forms the base of industry 4.0.

A digital twin helps owners, engineers, architects, contractors, inspectors, and civic bodies in simulation, survey, planning, assessment, measurement, regulation, modification, revamping and quality control activities from any remote location with higher accuracy and speed at lower costs and a fraction on the labor,”briefed P VENKATESHWAR RAO.

What motivated them to start this novel tech driven initiative. The Design Wizard (P VENKATESHWAR RAO) revealed, “The five points that lured me to this segment were, 1. Opportunities in the business, 2. Limitless application of technology, 3. Passing legacy to generations, 4. Money and  5. Flexibility of time

Ina nutshell, “TESTRONIX ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in Engineering design and consulting fulfilling projects of all sizes worldwide The services that they specialize include and are not limited to: Laser scanning | Dimensional survey | Data processing | LFD generation | True view generation | Revit BIM | Scan to 3D modelling (Primitive and intelligent) | Scan to 2D | 2D layouts to 3D modelling | Isometrics generation | 3D model to 2D layouts | P&ID line walking | Manual site validation | P&ID drafting (PDF to CAD) | P&ID drafting (PDF /CAD to intelligent P&ID) | Line list preparation | Bulk MTO generation | Site assistance at construction stages | Asset management | Technical manpower outsourcing | Detail engineering | All civil and structural designing | All civil and structural analysis | Electrical works.”

TESTRONIX ENGINEERING is committed to finding the best solution by providing consistent communication and establishing a relationship that allows them to gain a clear perspective of the needs of the clients.”

“From start to finish, they approach each project understanding the importance of both deadlines and budgets. We are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction for the success of every project,” explained the founder.

03 TESTRONIX ENGINEERING Was four clients to fourteen clients in two years a cakewalk, obviously no says the master mind, “Initially or even now many clients are not fully aware of application and advantages of this technology. We educate our clients on various advantages of having digital twin for their assets. It is like generating projects rather than bidding for a project.”

What is the next destination in their journey, he briefed, “Future plan is to become a hub, for providing our services from India to the world. Our business model is scale-able in terms of employment generation.” Sounds interesting! Keep watching this space for updates on TESTRONIX.

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