Group IAM: Online brand building is best option in LockDown

16042020 Hyderabad, Group IAM:

  • Brand Architecture
  • Innovation
  • Customer understands
  • Communication and public relation planning
  • Concept development from idea to become big brand
  • Content creation
  • Creative stuff

GroupIAMAdvertising is the most important part of brand building for any entity. From print media the focus is now shifted to digital media. Even political parties seem to follow trends to win the mandate of the people in this world’s largest democracy.

However 21 days LockDown in the country due to Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), has become a critical time where most of the small entrepreneurs are finding means for survival. Even under dire status, Group IAM is surviving the odds and flourishing with novel initiatives.

Recently they have done PR for a well-known educational group in all Indian vernacular languages, all of their staff worked from home and done the project within the time period and got very good appreciation as well as remuneration, from the client.

‘Group IAM is the brainchild of KONDA VALASA ASHOK PATNAIK and is the product of IRAWAT ADVERTISING AND MEDIA (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED, incorporated in 2018. Today Group IAM is working for Local and national clients, within the field of brand system optimizing.’

‘Group IAM is India’s leading brand consulting firm, with a network of 10 virtual offices in 6 Metro cities in India.’ “Our job is to help you create the future for your brand and business. Group IAM has the bandwidth to identify consumer trends, product and service innovations that are taking place in real life and in real time. We mainly work for Indian StartUp,” responded the founder.

“We are the nonpareil agency that delivers digital transformation, powered by creativity. We solve complex business challenges through digital marketing, ecosystems and products, driving digital strength and brand loyalty” remarked the founder.

“We offer high quality and professional services. From Concept development to Technical planning to Brand Building & Final implementation, Group IAM masters the entire brand cycle.

Since its inception, Group IAM has successfully created brands in several domains. The experienced team at Group IAM thinks with their customer hats on, delivering customized solutions tailored to every client’s need,” explained the founder.

Excerpts from the conversation with Ashok Patnaik:

Ashok PatnaikWhat do you feel about the lockdown: Lockdown period has affected all businesses with partial losses. However this is the time when print media is transforming to digital media. This is a very good opportunity for StartUp companies like us. So we are re-connecting with our existing and old clients.

How do you think online businesses must react to the current situation: Every business has a responsibility towards their clients, by engaging them online, as meeting is not practically possible. Keeping a strong relationship with your clients is not just about securing future income from them. It’s about setting them on a right path for them to feel confident and supported during their health and fitness journey. The more they know you are behind them, the better they will do in the end.

Great what do you feel your future journey would be like: As a StartUp, getting client is very easy but sustaining with that client for long time is tuff and we are overcoming it in recent times. This is the biggest challenge we face so far. Expanding to all metro cities by this year end is our future plan and creating new brands with StartUp companies is our goal.

Finally what’s your message for aspiring founders: In the process of creating brand the right strategy always works! Getting customer is very simple, than sustain the customer and changing the customer base in to trusted Client is the task for every growing start- up company.

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Note: In this hour of caution, due to the panic created by Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) please follow social distancing and Stay Home – Stay Safe – Be healthy – Be Happy. This lock-down period is a time gap to introspect and upskill. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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