Are you feeling demoralized with results

Want to survive at any cost

Is the world around shying away from you

Want to shut down

Are you turning pessimistic due to painful remarks

Startup trajectory is one of the most complicated one with its highs and lows. Never get the high to your head and never let the low affect your mindset. With these two things in place, growth is inevitable. Everything in life is continuous be it success or failures and nothing remains forever unless we work towards retaining it.

The day you start brooding, failure will follow you like a shadow and the day you become more responsive to failures by reworking strategies, failures will fear to approach you. This is the bare truth of life. Hope I am not too preachy…..I just remembered a bedtime story that I always reckon in distress moments.

Once a frustrated man, who was down with problems of all sorts decided to end his life and went to a solitary place where he could not be recognized by any one.

Before ending his life, the devotee wanted to pray to almighty, for the last time in life. In his prayer, he questioned God, if there was one substantial reason for him to live. The ever-silent God answered the prayers of the ardent devotee on that day.

He said ‘my son, on the same day I planted a bamboo plant and grass in this forest. However, the grass grew fast and laid a carpet across this forest. The bamboo plant never grew for one year….I waited….even after five years the offshoot of bamboo was just as small as the day I had planted.

However once it started growing it grew at a rapid pace, within a few days the tree was so tall almost touching the sky, whereas the grass was spreading across the area and was no comparison to the bamboo in terms of strength or height.’

God explained that every being, big or small had a purpose and will definitely deliver at a particular time. He added ‘just relax and do your duty sincerely, rewards will reach you as per destiny.’

The fact is that every startup journey has mixed emotions but your determination and grit for being the tough-minded optimist will surely be rewarded.


However ensuring the process with a flexible approach always yields desired results. Today let us analyze a few steps that need be adhered to increase the survival rate of an enterprise.

  1. IDEA: Address the pain points of the society and design an appropriate strategy. Do not embark on something just because you are inspired by someone’s success but genuinely work on your idea with a preparedness to face the challenges.
  2. TEAM: Develop a team of like-minded people and take guidance under an expert mentor. Stick to each other inspite of issues. Healthy arguments increase the efficiency and yield positive outcomes.
  3. LAUNCH: Unless you embark on your endeavour you never know the reality. However if you are idle for a long time with your idea then it might be outdated or with many others coming up with the same. The value of the idea is only until it is unique and useful.
  4. 360 DEGREES: Be prepared to work 360 degrees or rather from scratch to achieve desired results. I remember an entrepreneur who wished to start a Cow dairy and ended up selling Cow Urine and Cow Dung, which had more value and the supply was continuous.
  5. FEEDBACK: The response after testing your product gives the necessary impetus to move forward. If you receive positive reaction move ahead to improve your offerings, if they are negative, it gives a chance to revamp the entire idea. However being positive is the need of the hour.
  6. MARKETS: Define your markets and work in accordance. This plays a crucial role in determining the time taken to reach your target.
  7. OPINIONS: While feedback is from utilizing the products, opinion is from mentors and people of elite who help you scale up your business to reach optimum levels.
  8. COSTING: Balance the costing to expand your markets. Take help of a financial wiz to reason out your costing formula. Many other aspects are to be considered, apart from profits while working on the pricing. One needs to take into account, quantity, logistics, taxes and other important expenses that only a financial person will be able to advice, better.
  9. REWARDED: Be positive work with integrity and dignity, rewards are sure to smile upon you. Never be remorse and feel insecure, decide your journey and no force can stop you from reaching your destination.

Way2world wishes all starters loads of good luck and tons of perseverance. The roads ahead are rough but there is always light at the end of the tunnel, provided you probe every invisible option. Remember only a fighter survives and wins. With inputs from internet – RajKishan

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