Snakebites are regular news in the columns, especially in the rural areas. It is estimated that nearly 46000 people die annually every year and that is half of the annual snakebite deaths happenings globally, reveals a survey conducted by American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

However, the number of snakes killed by humans out of fear should be more than the above figures. To put an end to this alarming figures a rural Karnataka based enterprise, PRASADAM INDUSTRIES has come out with a product, SNAKE GUARD.

This SNAKE GUARD embedded in a walking stick type metal rod sends signal to snakes to stay away from inhabitant areas, to be alive. This signaling apparatus works on solar power and is easy to carry by the farmer.

Normally farmers carry sticks for support in marshy fields and this one is fitted with an additional apparatus that is lightweight.  The farmer needs to insert it firmly into the ground at the farm and rest assured they could work without a fear of snakes around. This ultrasonic snake repellant sends signals to snakes within 50 metres and they move away to safer places.

Some individuals think innovate ways to address pain points of the society. This noble initiative by PRASADAM INDUSTRIES (Prasadam Industries, C-696, V. V. Puram, Gauribidanur, Chikballapur District, Karnataka, India. Pin – 561208) ( manned by CHETANA and VEDOBROTO ROY is a very good solution to farmer’s affliction across the nation. Incidentally, it also saves the snakes, too. The organization employs rural artisans in the manufacturing process.

The conceptualizing of the organization was to serve the rural widows in the backward areas of Karnataka. Moreover, their initial product was to produce handmade shopping bags from cotton waste. These bags, branded as ‘KARMA’ bags, are now globally in demand through their distributors in US, Europe and Canada.

“KARMA-bags are made of only leftovers, mainly from the cotton industry. The ingredients are cotton pulp (primarily) which is mixed with some jute, vegetable gourd pulp and pineapple pulp. This paper will sprout plants after your consumers are done using them.”

The bags are made by “involving the rural community of widows whose debt ridden farmer husbands committed suicide due to a decade long drought in the Gauribidanur Taluk of Chikballapur District. This little enterprise helps them earn a livelihood and their children are once again back in school.”

In addition, they are doing projects “to create economically sound methods of irrigation in this drought hit district in India which is not just viable for the farmers but also supports a community of traditional potters.”

Inspite of his celebrity status as renowned media expert, coach and an awesome presenter VEDOBROTO ROY is very keen to work towards upliftment of the downtrodden. It is amazing to know that VED (as his friends call him) had been instrumental in launching the ‘Samsung Guru’ in India, which helped the brand scale greater peaks and reach the top slot.

VED is synonym for being an illusionist, a well-organized powerhouse of energy, a leader who churns out leaders and light-hearted chevalier, feel his long-term associates.

WAY2WORLD hopes many more such initiatives spring up with a social outlook. With inputs from internet- RajKishan

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