Are you a corporate looking for a trainers, vendors

Are you trainer planning to fill your calendar

Want to get numerous vendors at one place

Want a sea of trainers, vendors to choose

Want to avail numerous offerings to decide

For the first time in India, SCOOPPIN founded by RAGHESH G MENON and co-founded GIRISH PANICKER solves this issue. They provide a blockchain enabled SAAS platform, where CORPORATE and VENDORS can put up the live requirements. And in turn the system would automatically tag it to appropriate trainers INSTANTLY THROUGH A LIVE bidding process.

In a candid chat with WAY2WORLD, RAGHESH G MENON updated, ‘Our’s is the first solution which creates primary market connect for trainers INSTANT, LIVE and WITH OUT an INTERMEDIARY.’


In the present context, most corporate agencies scan the professional social media to scan for trainers and then start negotiating to arrange training sessions at their offices.

On the other hand, try to source vendors through many online e-marts, and then try to negotiate.

Alternatively,  the trainers and vendors, however reputable, have to go through personal contacts or through word of mouth branding to keep themselves in business. They might as well go for huge advertisements to make clients take a call.

Under these prevailing circumstances, the right matches might not occur many a times. To solve this problem, SCOOPPIN has created this virtual platform to enlist and systemize supply and demands on a single page. In addition, connect them, for mutually beneficial arrangements that are win-win for all involved.

The founding team revealed, ‘The Idea of SCOOPPIN came up during a study on Indian economy. We realized that in last three decades, all other industry segments had flourished, except the Indian training and vendor industry.’

They added, ‘it is a 32-billion-dollar potential market of which only 2 billion has been tapped. not for the lack of trainers, but for the lack of connect with the market.’

They further felt that three main conditions where the pain points in the present situation. They were:

  1. Most Trainers do not have enough training in hand.
  2. Most Corporate find it difficult to reach the right trainer or vendor.
  3. The current available solutions are, structurally & technologically constrained to solve the existing supply-demand gap.

Moreover, with this focus on cards the team had created the platform to envisage the needs of the communities for better and lucrative options for the combo.

WAY2WORLD salutes the stalwarts for their novel initiative and hopes that this startup innovation would benefit the ecosystem largely. With inputs from internet-RajKishan