Sanativefix helps StartUps grow by taking care of financial services

Skwerup & HumansOfCapital

30 September Jaipur: Most StartUps are headed by tech founders and their knowledge about other important aspects of venture management is minimal. To get the professional advantage on the issue they spend huge amounts for fulfilling compliances. This is the same story across the nation.

However many domain experts have offered unique solutions to help founders tide over such hurdles and concentrate on tech that results in a better market awaited products.

Rajasthan based SANATIVEFIX TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, founded by Ankur Goel has gone ahead and introduced two novel products to serve the StartUp Ecosystem.

One such noble initiative is Skwerup.com. In a candid chat with Way2World, the founder briefed, “Under Skwerup, we are providing Quasi CFO services to Startups & SME Companies and replacing their needs of hiring a full time finance head or CFO for the organisation. We are working dynamically and at very reasonable cost (monthly subscription based) to the companies.”

The services offered are, “Overall business growth strategy & help in strengthening business foundation” “Assist in making Investment docs like Pitch deck, Biz plan etc.” “Advice in setting up of Business processes like, operations, financial, etc.” and “Conducting periodic reviews & devising MISs for better performance analysis”

Economy and easy payment options are also included to take the product to larger base. Normally they charge on Monthly Subscription basis and also, it varies with the stage of business (Early/Growth).

Humansofcapital.com: This is a platform where we are publishing the life stories of unknown people and letting people to get inspire out of them. People may be anyone like an entrepreneurs, salaried employees, housewives, children etc.”

The founder clarified that the fundamental of this portal is, “Let the people know ‘what’s happening in their own known world’ by making them introduce with those ‘Unknown personalities’ whose life stories may give them a reason, worth to read.”

Ankur Goel, a seasoned business consultant, initiated these two platforms to fill the gap and solve the problems faced by early stage StartUps. His decade expertise has solved issues faced by over 100 StartUps. He also worked with a VC firm and conducted valuation for over 100 SME companies. He concluded, “If you want to connect for Quasi CFO services, you may connect at ankur@skwerup.com”

Ankur Goel is a complete business consultant to handle any types of query and solve in the most economical way. His dual proficiency educational qualifications include CA and CS.

Way2World appreciates the offerings of this Rajasthan business consultant and hopes the ecosystem will welcome this with open hands. With inputs from internet – RajKishan

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