GUMLET Image optimization software boon to web designers

Optimised Image Delivery

29 September 2018, Bengaluru: GUMLET: Playing with images has been the order of the day. Even normal people have many apps that would transform their faces into presentable and adorable formats.

However these two co-founders from Bengaluru, have gone ahead and developed a visual based recommendation engine, TURING ANALYTICS. Through this a user can take a picture of a celebrity and get the kind of accessories that celebrity has worn on ecommerce portals. Something like match imaging application.

The two innovative brains are Aditya Patadia and Divyesh Patel, have found clients in the furniture sector as well for this initiative.

Treading on the path of transformation of images, these two innovators enjoyed the patronage of subscribers since the last two years. Their innovations did not end at this point and they started exploring newer avenues to amuse their patrons. And then they launched GUMLET, a boon for web developers and photo designers.

Naveed Altaf, Head of Sales candidly told Way2World, “GUMLET is all-in-one solution for image asset management, processing and delivery. You just have to store full size image called master image on storage of your choice. We handle all tasks of creating different thumbnails of the same image and deliver them via super-fast CDN. All of your image related needs like image processing, thumbnail creation and storage of different image versions will be automatically taken care of when you integrate GUMLET.”

Naveed also gave a Birdseye view, “Here’s what GUMLET does: Improves user experience – It auto-detects the screen size of user’s device, and resizes the entire image before serving. This makes websites load super-fast on mobile devices.

Reduces cost of running a website – It delivers optimally compressed images in real-time, without any loss in quality. This saves lot of GB’s in bandwidth, reducing cost of hosting website by 30-40%.

For example:-  Image of 1.5MB size is compressed to 800KB before delivery. Since only 800 KB of data is delivered to the end user, the CDN bill comes down drastically.

Improves SEO – Larger the images, longer it takes for your website to load. With Page speed update, Google has decided to down ranks slow websites. Using GUMLET will ensure that Google up ranks your website consistently.

Enables lean operations – With a very simple, one time integration GUMLET takes care of all your image management needs. This would let your developers focus exclusively on your core business.

The pricing model of GUMLET is also extremely simple. Customers are only charged for the bandwidth. An unlimited numbers of images resizes, image operations or page requests come free with it!

As an example: If a web page has 1.5MBs of image and 10,000 visitors every month. Then total data transfer would be 15 GB, which would cost only $1.5 to GUMLET users.”

Way2World admires the initiative of GUMLET and is fascinated by the modusoperandi. Many designers will keep this tool handy to save time and money. With inputs from internet – RajKishan