Economical spraying drones by college StartUp, OliveDrones


07 September Hyderabad, OliveDrones:

  • Affordable spraying drones
  • Hitech farming
  • Efficient power source
  • Unique frame
  • After sales support equally important as actual sale

India is a country that has been thriving on agriculture since ages and now It is time to pioneer this domain. The alluvial soil across the country makes it the best agrarian economy, globally. On the other hand the nation has woken up to the StartUp Call given by the central government with stimulating policies like “Make In India”, “StartUp India” “Atal Innovation” and more.

However the initial StartUp founders concentrated on tech driven platforms, later they turned towards AI, ML and deep tech. Recently, innovators are vying for noteworthy space in Agri Tech and Edu Tech, which is promising for the future of the country.

DroneBecause there are abundant opportunities in these two segments and if harnessed well, the economy is sure to bloom. Agri Tech not only improves the quality of food produced but also lures the younger generations to take up Agriculture as a serious option, which is missing at the moment.

One such StartUp we came across this week is OLIVE DRONES & AGRICULTURE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. This Hyderabad based student StartUp, founded by ENOSH PERIKE, is sure to soar to the peaks in the coming future.

Inspite of many innovators treading on the same path, ENOSH PERIKE seems to be well-versed on his target and has simplified the process in his own terms. This TKR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING student, who is doing his third year in ECE stream, has designed a ten litres spraying drone with impeccable precision utilizing the best products while keeping the final price affordable even for small farmer.

In a candid chat with ENOSH PERIKE, “our drones have used the best to give out the best end product at the most competent pricing. We could guarantee three hundred life cycles for power storage devices, as we use the best batteries. These we deliberately suggest for every farmer to understand the operation expense involved in maintaining a drone. Because we believe that a StartUp must not just concentrate on sales but must also give equal importance to after sales support. Only this will help us in sustaining and branding us as a long term player.”

01 Olive DronesHe added, the salient features of our spraying drones are “Advance control system with fully autonomous operations can be performed using gps and radar. Custom made frame with high strength carbon fiber. Custom made battery pack using high quality Sony cells very less weight compare to other batteries available in market. High efficient propulsion system ensure long battery backup while carrying large payload. Ease of operation with minimal human intervention ensures maximum coverage with minimum effort compare to Manual drones.”

“Right now we can assure a flying time of 18 minutes with a payload of ten litres for one charge. Approximately each acre would be sprayed within eight minutes. Thereby, making the flying machine, most comfortable for spraying two acres for every charge of the battery.”

02 Olive Drones “I was pondering over this idea since 2017 however it was only after my rapport with SANTOSH KUMAR, my friend, thrived, who believing my vision, invested in building the first drone. Then the confidence built up momentum and I registered my StartUp OLIVE DRONES & AGRICULTURE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD, in 2019.”

“Though we have a full-fledged commercial model on hand, we are still trying our hands of fulfilling the compliances to make it available for open market. However we would ascertain that we would sell the best drones at the most unbelievable rates. Beating our competitors with impeccable after sales service,” concluded ENOSH PERIKE.

03 Olive DronesThe process designed has been well crafted by dividing the manufacturing cycle into four segments, Power Systems, Frame Work, Propulsions and Control Systems. In the coming future, they are planning to indigenous the entire system once they scale the market and are comfortable financially. Watch out this space for more updates on this young genius who is sure to scale peaks in a short time.

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