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08 September 2019, Indore MP, InstaPrintz:

  • Total customisation of imaginations
  • Converting a CT Scan into a 3D model
  • Customising gifts
  • Paper work to product in a less time
  • 3D models are future

The world is moving towards a zero error tolerance precision era where exact product is sourced for every requirement. Earlier from the compromise attitude we have mentally shifted to perfection which is the prospering sign for any profession. To give us the necessary impetus for this paradigm 3D printing plays a vital role.

InstaPrintz, a brand of TRIVIMA SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, founded by PRATEEK SANCHETI in 2015 is all out to take customization to the next level. This out-of-the-box thinking company is ready to convert work on paper to a model on the table ringing in the new era for product manufacturing.

In a candid chat the founder, claimed, “We offer a totally different level of customization altogether, GOT’s iron throne, conversion of a CT Scan into a 3D Model or a replica of your own.” He added, “Our service is not just limited to customized gifts. Mechanical, architectural or medical, you just name the field and you have it. From converting your work on a paper to a model on your table, we bring for you a new era. An era where photographs and sketches are past and 3D models the future.”

We started probing him about his venture and its traction till date, once he became comfortable with our conversation. This VSTART StartUp, mentored by Vikas Singh is sure to dominate the domain with their visionary approach to the problem, taking the nation to the next level with their deep tech strategies. Madhya Pradesh seem to be shining with novel initiatives from stake holders involved in enhancing the StartUp Ecosystem.

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What according to you were the challenges that you converted them into opportunities?

The four basic challenges prevailing in the market are Less Product Development inside country, High Dependency on Imports, No Customized Medical Implants and Prosthesis and Less Trained Manpower in Education.

How do you think Insta Printz has harnessed the challenges?

We have democratized 3D printing to serve the world. We can transform all your imagination to reality using the 3D Printing Technology. Right from replacement of your ear to fitting implant inside the body, 3D Printing can help serve the large purpose in the field of Medical, Industrial Prototyping, Education, Construction and customized gifting.

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is simply additive manufacturing process wherein a physical three dimensional object is made from a digital design. The solid object is made by layering the material one on one.

How does it work?

The digital file with a 3D design is converted into a solid object by using a 3D printer which prints successive layers of the material. The material is melted at high temperature and used in order to solidify and render and object.

What are the benefits of 3D Printing?

Initially this methodology is ideal for quick and precision products that could save lives by delivering complex structures utilising diverse raw materials as per controlled designs. Since production is on dot, the process is ideal for saving environment from uncontrolled wastage.

Where do you think 3D will fit into?

It is an ideal solution for surgeons, easing the operative processes by providing the exact replica of broken bones. This is the utility in medical sector. Then in the educational sector we could make any working model as per the subject demands for students to deeply analyse the said process. In the recent times this process is avidly used in industries where prototypes of machinery can be made to explain the various functionalities for new recruits. In addition architects can build miniatures of their blue print or model homes to understand the design flow accurately.

What do you offer your clients?

We believe in giving our customers the power to imagine- an imagination that we help you turn to reality. With the help of our superior quality 3D printing setup, we help them realize their thoughts. We believe in providing our customers something unique and out of the box. InstaPrintz helps in converting imagination into tangible and usable three-dimensional products.

What do you have to say in a nutshell?

InstaPrintz is one of the best leaders in 3D printing technology. We provide the best products, services and support a great thinking deserves. We turn your ideas into tangible and usable three-dimensional products. Make it better. Make it with Insta Printz.

InstaPrintz is one among the fastest growing 3D Printing Company in India and growing globally into following services / verticals;

1) 3D Printing:

  • Medical Implant and Prosthesis using 3D Printing
  • Industrial and Automobile Prototyping and End Use Product with Metal 3D Printing
  • Defense Prototyping using DMLS with material option such as SS 316, SS 17-4 PH, Al 10Mg, 12 Mg, Titanium and CoCr
  • Architectural Models, Artistic Figures portable and more detailed Model with various materials, like Plastic, Metal, Powder
  • Education : Training and Research Lab Setup Module
  • Jewelry 3D Printing

2) 2D and 3D Designing:

  • 3D industrial Modelling using DFAM
  • 3D CT SCAN to 3D Stl file conversion
  • 3D Face Sculpting, Object Modelling for both animation and 3D Printing Models
  • 3D Interior and Exterior Designing

So, ranging from FDM to more specialized and highly advanced 3D Printing, we can cater all segments from Industrial Prototyping to Medical Prototyping, story depiction of the industry to efficient 3D Modelling and implementation of the storyboard.

Finally what is your gyan to budding founders?

Entrepreneurship is a passion to bring a revolution. Keep going and believe in you, nothing can shake your confidence, trust me! All the best!

Madhya Pradesh launched the State Incubation and Startup Promotion Scheme in 2016. The StartUp Policy offers benefits and incentives across various areas of intervention. However many mentors are also putting in smart efforts to enhance the ecosystem. Watch this space for more innovative StartUps from MP.

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