Idea 2 executing AI made easy with NPlusLabs

19052020 Hyderabad, NPLUSLABS:

  • Are you an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiast
  • Want to give wings to your AI ideas
  • Interested in novel Private machine learning
  • Is Multi Party Computing an issue
  • Wish to broadcast AI model to end users


The one and only answer to all the AI related queries is NPLUSLABS developed by N.PLUS INNOVATIONS Pvt Ltd. This Hyderabad based StartUp has designed a novel initiative, by developing a robust platform to develop secure AI, ideally for researchers and innovators.

NPLUSLABS is ‘a decentralized platform for AI researchers, Machine Learning Engineers, Mobile and Web Developers to compile AI models with the option to sell or buy models from Model Market and convert them into on-device machine learning models for secure distributed learning and deployment.’

The platform is feature rich with state-of-art infrastructure that enables creating an ideal environment for AI projects. NPLUSLABS is one platform for learning, stimulating, practicing, implementing and execution for gaining optimum results in a precise time frame.

The exclusive features include Private Machine Learning where NPLUSLABS ‘platform helps user send AI model to the end user’s device, and abstract intelligence while ensuring user’s privacy and anonymity’.

The second feature is Multiparty Computation, where NPLUSLABS ‘enable distributed computation on secure data. Run the models on devices idle processing capacity without impacting the device performance’.

The third exclusive feature is Federated Learning where NPLUSLABS helps to broadcast your AI model to end users. Let users run the model on their devices, enabling in ‘improving model’s performance metrics’.

The latest to be included is AI POWERED FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE, where the modular framework works smarter with the help of NPLUSLABS ‘proprietary reinforcement algorithms which improves the configuration parameters of network. The amendments no longer require forking, rather happen to improve the existing framework making the network self-evolving’.

NPLUSLABS is the most happening platform in the AI domain, securing model that is affordable, accessible and scale-able. It is an end-to-end ‘platform to create secure AI models, train, and deploy on a distributed network’.

A study by ‘India’s national think-tank, the NITI Aayog, released a discussion paper on the trans-formative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India. This paper said the country could add US$1 trillion to its economy through integrating AI. Since then, some of the biggest moves made by the government to act on this prediction is the formation of a task force on Artificial Intelligence for India’s Economic Transformation by the Commerce and Industry Department of the Government of India in 2017, and the Union Cabinet in December 2018.’

The PMO announced the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan to rehabilitate the nation, Post Covid-19 during Lockdown 4.0. The main urge, apart from stimulus package, was on being vocal of local products. AI would predominantly add value to the nation, while NPLUSLABS would be the most sought after platform by enthusiasts.

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