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21052020 Indore, GetOnSpot:

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  • Finding difficulty in procuring grocery
  • Are you apprehensive going out into the open
  • Want to know Nagar Nigam listed Grocery Veggies
  • Want to know about the list Sewa groups in your area
  • Innovation never ends, GetOnSpot identifies new type of E-Commerce

If you are in Indore and finding any of the above difficulties, then the best solution is GetOnSpot (OnSpot). Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) gave a jolt to the Indian StartUp ecosystem throwing challenges to the youth of the country.

With a mind-set developed by the present regime, to convert challenges into opportunities, innovates tried hard not to be left behind in this race, ‘survival of the fittest’.  The whole world thought that e-commerce has reached stagnation point in spite of maximum utilising the shared economy.

However one man from Indore thought otherwise and that’s how RAHUL SAO designed OnSpot, which helps local Indore residents identify nearby Nagar Nigam Stores on one side. And also helped the less fortunate to identify the nearest Sewa Groups, which were working to feed the poor.

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Balancing service and philanthropy, this young innovator created an ideal solution to help all sectors of the society. So let us see how he goes about his novel initiative of helping the people of Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

What is the problem you are addressing:

Many families struggle to find right vendor for their area allotted by Nagar Nigam Indore.  Extending lock-down is making it difficult for many families to cop up financially.

In this case how do you help them tide over this present pandemic:

We have listed the Nagar Nigam stores based on each Geo-Location, making it easy for all to access them on our App. On the other hand the less fortunate can easily ask for help to nearest Sewa group serving their area. We have designed an easy and simple two step process to find & get in touch directly with people serving through their phone number and location on map.

Is it just an aggregation of details:

We also offer home delivery solution through our last mile connecting field personnel. OnSpot brings nearby markets & shops more closer to you with instant deliveries and product catalogue of your favorite store.

What is the present disconnect you feel at the moment:

Our belief goes with the Indian style & diversity, we all had always loved going to local markets for shopping & eat, which as a result empowers your local offline retailers and a network of delivery boys by bringing your order to you in as less as 10 mins sometimes.

How does OnSpot help such a situation:

Our Mobile App exactly does the same also assigning any delivery task to us through custom orders so you can majorly stay indoors and enjoy with your loved ones.

Is it only groceries and Veggies on your list:

We cover a range of products from Home Sup­plies to Food, Sta­tionery to Books, Gifts to Event Plan­ning, Well­ness to Pets, Elec­tron­ics and much more can’t forget the any parcel/purchase through the custom order feature.

So what is the social activity in it:

In these difficult times we have evolved to bring some good to you by showing you your nearby Sewa groups where someone can contribute or simply shout for help through our app, for essentials they are providing to the community.

How are you reinventing with COVID -19:

All OnSpot deliveries are now contactless & we make sure all packages are prepared, packed and delivered under the strictest health and safety standards with regular check-ups of staff serving you. You can also choose your preferred payment method, cash on delivery, card payments, UPI or online wallets, anything is possible.

What are the values-adds for vendors listed on your platform:

Vendors can create online catalogue which can be shared as website, WhatsApp message & Facebook.  They can get unlimited orders online, enquiries from customers. Vendors can manage inventory and product variants easily.

They can Advertise to customers and create Promo Codes for customers to use on your shop. In addition they could make discount coupons for their customers. In a nutshell, your online shop is in your pocket. You can Sort all delivery needs for your customer.

This simply means unlimited selling and sharing on WhatsApp and Facebook. You could also have Product recommendations on your shop for your customers. That is a full cycle of ecommerce fulfilment for an online consumer.

What is the USP of OnSpot:

Lockdown crisis and balancing two main necessities of the society, one was families unable to find paid grocery from right vendor and other families who are not being able to afford daily meals. To keep up with the speed & motivation when the world came to a stop, to get all team & associates work in that pace to double speed as normally they would.

How do you propose to achieve this post Covid:

We plan to on-board local markets & hyperlocal delivery. Many hyperlocal players from food are looking to convert into retail we need to get them on board to give them logistics facilities. Right now there is good response from users as it is need of the hour.

Finally what is your advice to upcoming founders:

Reboot it’s not just fun & fame anymore it’s a patriotic thing to work hard.

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Note: In this hour of caution, due to the panic created by Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) please follow social distancing and Stay Home – Stay Safe – Be healthy – Be Happy. This lock-down period is a time gap to introspect and upskill. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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