Mitti Café serving 2500 food packets to poor in lock-down – Lesson to the Nation

13042020 Bengaluru, MITTI CAFÉ:

  • Started with one trainee on a wheelchair
  • 8 Mitti cafes in operation
  • 61 PWD’s Employed
  • 108 PWD’s Skilled
  • 50 Lakhs Funds Raised

Mitti Cafe 01Novel Corona Virus (COVID -19) has tested the endurance of every nation. Though it has had a devastating effect on the mankind, it has also revealed the soft-side of every human across the nation.

While some are praying for the speedy recovery from this situation, others are volunteering to help the brave warriors of this nation who are fighting relentlessly against this deadly disease like doctors, health staff, police, municipal staff and many more.

Mitti Cafe 02One true incident quoted by my friend KARAN BINDAL from Bengaluru was worth noting. Being a renowned mentor of social StartUps, KARAN BINDAL is also a mentor on board of a social initiatives enhancing organisation, MITTI SOCIAL INITIATIVES FOUNDATION. The product of this initiative is MITTI CAFE.

MITTI CAFE ( is non- profit cafes in corporate completely run by disabled / specially abled (both physical and mental) to sustain their livelihood and bring a purpose in their life to believe they are important and can live life with dignity.’

Logo of Mitti CafeHe revealed, “MITTI CAFE is another organization for which I am board of advisors/mentors to help in their meaningful journey; via  MITTI CAFE we are blessed to give cooked 2500 food pack per day to needy amid this lockdown.”

Addressing the nation’s youth, he asked, “When they don’t complain in life and ready to participate and support nation in calamity. What’s your grievance in life and participation in nation building! He also reminded them that “if they can rise up to the occasion, we all can too.”

The visionary behind this noble venture is ALINA ALAM, a young lady who believes, “compassion & courage are the two weapons that could eradicate most problems that our world faces today.”

Alam Mitti Cafe‘She vouches that development is inclusive and can only happen by embracing and empowering people from the most vulnerable factions of the society.

She believes that one of the best ways to do this is through enabling them with means to livelihood which are sustainable and allow them to lead a life with dignity.’

She elaborated, “We work towards -making Adults with Disability realise their dreams & potential and foster Community Participation towards an Inclusive society.

Mitti Cafe 05Mitti’s unique model is that we are the first to both train and employ candidates with different disabilities (Physical, intellectual and psychiatric), who work together and complement one another.

Majority of the candidates with disability trained/ placed or employed by Mitti come from low socio-economic backgrounds, who have either dropped out of,never attended school or come from special schools.

Their work at MITTI helps in bridging the significant gaps that differently-abled individuals face towards transitioning into an environment that provides them with a gainful livelihood opportunity along with dignity and self-worth.

Mitti Cafe 06By engaging persons with disability we believe that they would act as agents of change by example and thereby promote a system of self-sustenance and wellness through our unique livelihood development initiative, at the same time enable the promotion of disability inclusion within work spaces.

What had started from Hubli in a dilapidated tin shed with just one trainee on a wheelchair has now culminated into 8 Cafes, across 2 cities in Karnataka (Bengaluru and Hubli) .

Mitti Cafe 08Currently we have Mitti Cafés within and are supported by corporates institutions like Infosys, Australia New Zealand Bank, Quintiles/IQVIA , Wipro , Wells Fargo amongst others.”

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Note: In this hour of caution, due to the panic created by Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) please follow social distancing and Stay Home – Stay Safe – Be healthy – Be Happy. This lock-down period is a time gap to introspect and upskill. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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