Product must be strong for disruption – Rajiv Srivatsa

Let'sTalkBusiness @ Uprise 3.0

09 April 2019, Bengaluru, UPRISE 3.0:

StartUp Leadrship Program (SLP) BENGALURU Chapter’s UPRISE 3.0, an ultimate demo day for StartUps just concluded and had participation from across the country. True to its title the event was a cynosure to enthusiasts who gathered in good numbers.

SLP is a non-profit initiative and has its roots in Boston way back in 2006. The organisation has successfully spread across 28 cities in 13 countries and the local chapter has proven efficiency in nurturing cohorts from ideation to scaling up with out-of-the box strategies guided by in house stalwarts who are reputable experts in the ecosystem.

As a part of its endeavor to foster acceleration in the ecosystem, SLP Bengaluru event evoked excellent response from the ecology.

The post event release by the organizers states, “The Gala SLP Demo Day witnessed a good mix of stakeholders from the StartUp Ecosystem. 70+ Investors attended the SLP Bangalore Demo Day – Uprise 3.0 sponsored by L&T. 25 Startup founders pitched their startups in 4 min followed by 3 min Q&A. Uprise 3.0 was held at NASSCOM 10K startup on 4th April 2019.

The mega event was attended by investors from Sequoia, Saif, Matrix, Stellaris, Accel, Orios, Barclays, Sprout Capital and Inventus.

In his keynote, Rajiv Srivatsa, the CPTO and Cofounder of Urban Ladder, spoke about the 7 P’s of running a startup drawing example from his personal entrepreneurial journey. While he highlighted purpose with passion as a key ingredient, he also emphasized the importance of the core of the product being developed to be strong.

The Bangalore Cohort presented start-ups from diverse domains like AgriTech, FinTech, Sustainable lifestyle, DeepTech, IoT based, Enterprise, AR, AI focused and healthcare. There were 4 startups form Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune SLP chapters that were invited for the mega event.

The Startups who pitched from Bangalore are Aindra Labs , Criador Labs , shareanbuy , Mesha Energy Solutions , Picanva , Campus-Live!, GingerCup , amita.ai , WrightInk, Green Mantra , Bizex , Deep Sigh Labs , HappyLocate , memberCentrum , Fasal , AmbuCare , Oxy.Fitness , Havstruck Solutions , and Saveo.in .

The Program Leaders formulate the cohort, work extensively with the founders and are alumni from the previous SLP batch. This year the Program leaders were Anup Gupta, Krishna Jonnakadla, Rohith K R, Kunal Banthia and Murali Krishna Kora.

The SLP Bangalore cohort 2019 included Abhishek Mishra, Abhishek Reddy, Achuth Anand, Amogh Mukunda, Anubhav Ghosh, Arjun Kashi, Devleena Neogi, Govind Jeyaram, Nida Sahar, Prachee Mandlekar, Rakesh Appaji, Rakesh Channaiah, Sainadh Duvvuru, Sanjo Simon, Santhosh, V, Shailendra Tiwari, Sudhir Haregoppa, Veer Shrivastav, Vishal Uchil and Vivek Jaiswal.

The Startup Leadership Program is a highly curated community driven offering that accelerates the growth of the founders. The nonprofit organisation was founded in 2006 in Boston and has since has expanded to 26 cities in 12 countries. SLP offers a six-month program focusing not just on the idea but the founder. During these six months, the fellows meet on every two weeks for roundtable discussions or lectures with industry leaders, VCs and mentors.

All Demos were live streamed and recorded. The demos can be found at SLP youtube channel. To learn more about the startups and the SLP Bangalore Chapter visit the facebook page. @StartupLeadershipBangalore and twitter handle @slbengaluru. Learn more about Start Leadership Program at https://www.startupleadership.com/

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