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Leranta 01Cold Pressed Juices are the best sources of nutrition as they are made from 100% fruit without any additives. Their process is simplified using a hydraulic press unlike the regular ones made with centrifugal motors.

Most health conscious freaks are turning towards these juices for their immense natural benefits. However the bone of contention is the costing and the freshness of fruits used. On the other hand these juices have limited shelf life due to non-additive of preservatives.

Competing with packaged artificial fruit juices and poor fruit quality natural juices, LERANTA comes up with a novel initiative. Started by a commerce graduate, this company has started off on this initiative to give the best at the most economical pricing.

Leranta 02NARESH MANTRI, Founder & CEO, LERANTA said, “Anantapur is a tier two city in Andhra Pradesh and we chose this place as it has abundant fruit farming. We could pick the best fruits grown under organic condition, to give our best delicacy to our loyal consumers.

In a candid chat, he informed, ‘amidst artificial processed fruit drinks that utilise, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial colors, Chemical Additives and poor nutrition in fresh juices. We wanted to give a healthy, nutritious alternative that not only satisfies taste buds while quenching thirst but also transfers wholesome nutrition to the body.’

  • What is you solution to the problem?

We offer Juices without Artificial colors, Flavors, or additives. Raw cold pressed Detoxes and cleanses to customers through Robotic juice vending dispenser by using IOT, data analytics and block chain peer to peer linkage.

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  • What does LERANTA do?

LERANTA juices was found on the principle that we all need a  simple and effective means of nourishing our bodies, relieving them from the stress of everyday life  and restoring ourselves to a stage of well-being.

  • What is your USP?

We assure quality by assuring organic origin of fruits. We add no sugar, water, additives for colour, preservation or flavours, meaning 100% natural.

  • What is meant by cold-pressed?

We utilize special customized hydraulic machine that uses low speed crushing at as low as 70-120 rpm depending on the fruits. This enhances the fruit to yield more juice and the retention of enzymes, nutrition and fibre at optimum levels. There is no compromise in natural taste and aroma.

  • What are the benefits of cold-pressed juices?

Cold Pressed juices enhance energy levels, detoxify the body while increasing the immunity and reducing craving for preserved foods. They also enhance the digestive system while helping in weight loss regime and improving cellulitis reduction. Overall the juices are very good to keep healthy and maintain balanced lifestyle.

  • How do you propose to reach the mass market?

LERANTA Juices proposes to utilise various technologies like IoT, data analytics and robotics to get the best raw material and serve the healthiest nutritious juice to the consumer at their doorsteps.

  • Is it possible to reach your vision?

We have precise plans to accomplish our vision of ‘good health to all’, as per the ‘SWASTH BHARATH’ initiative in lieu with the government.’ We plan to contract farms to monitor the organic nature. We would be using IoT to keep the consumer updated about the origin of the fruit that has gone into their choicest juices. The end user can avail thus quality juices by a robotic dispenser or from our QSR units.

  • Your target markets?

We are targeting tier two cities where the big brands in this segment are reluctant to go. Our focus is on hospitals and corporate that are the two health conscious zones.

  • How would LERANTA make the difference?

We would serve Fresh healthy 100 % cold pressed juices and plant based Nutrition. They would be ready to drink variety.

  • What do you manufacture other than healthy juices?

We also plan to start a range of detoxes that cleanse and provide key nutrients to the body that are Immunity boosting, feel rejuvenated, cleansed and energized, while yielding better digestive system. Exclusively, our spirulina detox helps to get plant based natural and healthy protein nutrients. We offer ranges that are healthy breakfasts and nutritious meal replacements for health freaks.

  • What is the vision of LERANTA?

We wish to offer a range of health and tasty ready to drink products at economical pricing to health conscious folks. By making them affordable good health to all can be achieved. Our sole aim is to connect farmers and end consumers through our products.

Leranta 04Way2World wishes this young founder and his team a grand success. May their initiative give good health to all! Please like our pages: on Facebook & LinkedIn

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