Success is measured by the amounts of revenue generated. However there are still some who feel that service to mankind is the real success yardstick.

Probably that is what made the promoters of the social enterprise JUST CYCLING think of while embarking on this venture.

The Bengaluru based venture was promoted by three college students ARUN, VENKATESH and MANISH who were passionately attached to their vintage bicycles.

They created a community of cycling lovers and organized trips. They went out of the way to rent bikes to the members who did not have one.

JUST CYCLING is a venture that brings out the sweat of the patrons. Being a healthy habit, yet a neglected one owing to the speed required to lead a successful life.

To bring back the old reminiscences of this age-old vehicle back on roads, the trio conducts various interesting events. Many across this garden city, hailing from the technical domain, join during weekends on the cycle trekking.

A survey conducted reveals that cycling has many benefits of which a few are listed below:

  1. Regular Cycling improves mental outlook
  2. The best exercise for weight loss
  3. Awesome muscles can be built with regular cycling
  4. Binge as you like as your appetite increases with cycling
  5. Over all health benefits like improved breathing, controls heart disease and cuts cancer risk
  6. There could be low impact on the body reducing the injury factor
  7. Reduces pollution and is economical
  8. Improves sensory by improving the navigational skills
  9. Improves sleeping habits and increases brain powers
  10. Enhances the immune system
  11. Boosts confidence levels

With so many benefits cycling is the best sport that each of us need to practice. This simply means that JUST CYCLING is an organization that is going to have a longer innings yielding impeccable results.

WAY2WORLD wishes these innovative brains a grand success and hopes that they help many individuals socialize for a healthy cause. With inputs from internet – Rajkishan

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