Mostly entrepreneurs start of as innovators and develop a product / services that should get consumer approval as prototypes. The next stage is setting up the facility to make the product affordable and available in quantities to supply to the demanding market. Apart from this, a good amount is required for sales, in order to achieve better market penetration.

FUNDMILL is your reliable friend at this juncture. The FUNDMILL show brings together innovative brains and capable investors to add wings to your dreams.

The shows are the best venues to get finance for your startups. They have multiple platforms like angel investing, venture capitalist and crowd funding. Participants include global teams of venture capitalists having wide array of investments in multiple categories of business.

In addition the event help startups network with industry stalwarts as mentors for their ideas. FUNDMILL also conduct workshops that cover topics like due diligence, valuations and tax reliefs for investors.

Ganesh Jadhav is the founder of this Mumbai based startup, FUNDMILL. The fundamentals that are required for any startup entrepreneur to garner attention in these events are simple.

A well-defined pitch on the enterprise is necessary. The ability to answer the various queries posed by the investor to gain confidence on the venture is a must. With the abundant participation from global investors at the event, getting a deal would be certain. An innovative idea that solves the major issues is the ideal lookout for any investor.

The website suggests, ‘To be considered all candidates need to submit an application form and these are then subject to the same casting criteria. Final selection for participation in the programme will be decided on a number of factors including the strength of idea, a robust business plan and projected turnover.’

True to its tagline ‘cash for ideas’, FUNDMILL is relevant to startups. All you need is a good idea and the ability to convince the investors.

Opportunities are abundant for the right entrepreneurs at the FUNDMILL show. Hence, hurry up and apply on their official website to take your enterprise to the next level.

WAY2WORLD wishes innovative brains a grand success and hopes that they enhance the growing startup ecosystem with their immense expertise. With inputs from internet – Rajkishan

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