ICEUNO joining US Accelonovate benefits StartUps largely!

04102020 Bengaluru, ICEUNO:

IceunoAccelonovate  01

  • Founders strategize your business with proven operandi!
  • Look for a tech upgradation
  • Reworking marketing Strategies
  • Agree that great ideas succeed with greater planning
  • Get an appropriate mentor to move up

India’s powerful incubator and strategizer for StartUps, ICEUNO gets its important market validation by inking a pact with US based ACCELONOVATE. The grand move comes at a time when ICEUNO is launching its series of unique initiatives benefitting the StartUp community.

ACCELONOVATE, DIVISION OF SGE CONSULTING INC. is engaged in the business of enabling acceleration and innovation for startups. It helps the startups in strategizing their business, technology and marketing functions enabling them to start with a “Great Idea” and ending with a “Grand Exit”.

On the other hand, Bangalore based IDEATION CENTER OF EXCELLENCE PVT. LTD (ICEUNO) is engaged in offering unique acceleration programs catering to start-ups providing them business idea transformation processes and varied professional services to help them nurture and realize their unexplored ideas.

What does this mean to StartUps: Your ideas get validation from both the entities. If there is a WOW- factor an offshore mentor or strategic investor might jump on board. All this simply means scaling up to the fullest potential. Grab this awesome offer and log into for more details.

ICEUNO is a unique platform for Startups which support ideators, implementors by bringing together the mentors, Funders and professionals deliver successful IDEAs.

ICEUNO is a new age acceleration platform for wanna-preneurs, student-preneurs, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs to transform their dreams into reality….

To Summarize, ICEUNO offers the IDEA Banking platform for Ideators, Implementors and professional services partners of the Ecosystem.”

ICEUNO offers, 1) We Bank ideas, 2) We are a accelerator, 3) We are a MVP facilitator, 4) We support funding, 5) We virtually run Startups, 6) We take-care compliance, 7) We Mentor Startups, 8) We grow Startups, 9) We catalyse product sales & 10) We harbour value creation

ICEUNO is a one-stop solution for new age Ideation. The platform is compatible with Students, Stealth Mode Startups, Live Startups, Viral Startups.”

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