Launch of ICEUNO, Boon to wannapreneurs!!!

13072020 Bengaluru, ICEUNO:

Last week Indian StartUp Ecosystem saw the robust activity as usual, however for the first time in this nation of billions, an idea bank was launched by a Benguluru based StartUp ICEUNO.

The launch was a boon in disguise to many ideapreneurs and wannapreneurs who were at crossroads with various hurdles in front. Renowned ecosystem stakeholders Shri Sameer Gupta and Shri Anil Gupta launched this blessing in disguise product to the Indian StartUp Ecosystem in a virtual ceremony on the 05 July 2020, a day for the honouring mentors, Guru Purnima.

ICEUNO LaunhingMost often we come across

(1) I have a lot of ideas but have no time or money OR

(2) I have a lot time but no ideas or money OR

(3) I have a lot of money but no ideas nor time

Can someone help?

(1) To look into my ideas, I can give direction and pay for the effort OR

(2) To utilize my time, money and effort in right direction for nurturing my idea OR

(3) To help in nurturing my idea into commercially viable one and guide in right direction OR

(4) To help in nurturing my idea into commercially viable one and guide in right direction also get it implemented.

Does it sound familiar this is the tone of the yet to explore ideas?

Now when we map both the above scenarios the possible outcome is exactly like banking our IDEA with ICEUNO.

ICEUNO a unique platform for Startups which support ideators, implementors by bringing together the mentors, Funders and professionals deliver successful IDEAs.

In his own words Mani LakkaRaju, CEO ICEUNO briefed, “I’m honoured to introduce ICEUNO, here at this right moment to enable wanna-prenuers to overcome forced entrepreneurship….

ICEUNO is a new age acceleration platform for wanna-prenuers, student-prenuers, soloprenuers, entreprenuers to transform their dreams into reality….

Let me share, how it all started, I guess it was in mid Sep2019, I had few senior folks from the industry approached me to raise the funds for their startups while I heard all the challenges of their intial Ideation days, learnt an interesting fact, there is no help for such wanna-prenuers to structure their initial idea and then suport on the Minimum viable product, which can really help them to plan the catchup on the transformation from wanna-prenuer to the entrepreneurs….

I was determined to make this happen, my first challenges were for sure need a simple structured program as an offering, a strong team with multiple disciplinary skills, investment as the key ingredient and kept working on it 9 months And the Ideation Center of Excellence (ICE) platform was born….

ICEUNO brings a unique solution of IDEA Banking for the employees, students, entrepreneurs who can deposit their ideas with the platform and we help them nurture in parallel to their normal routines and take care of all the professional services required to transform the ideas into reality within 5 steps, which is the Unique Selling Proposition of this platform…

Now the way it works, Ideators shall deposit the IDEAs with ICEUNO and can choose the right program from the list, ICE FLEX for Student- prenuers, ICE CREAM for Wanna-prenuers, ICE SHOP for soloprenuers, ICE TEA for Entrepreneurs where ideators shall maximize the possibilities of translating their dreams into reality…and ICEUNO shall nurture the IDEA with or without the Implementors…

We have partnered with top of the industry leaders to fuel the growth I would like to introduce our partners here to get a complete picture

Mr. Balaji Pasumarthy, CEO of Golden Square  is our Incubation partner

Mr. Swen Waggner, CEO of Mainstage Incubator, Germany is our European growth Partner

Ms. Charu Mehrotra, CEO of Womenlines, Singapore is our Asian growth Partner

Dr. Sriniva Kilambi, CEO of Accelonovate, USA is our American growth Partner

To Summarize, ICEUNO offers the IDEA Banking platform for Ideators, Implementors and professional services partners of the Ecosystem.”

ICEUNO offers:

1) We Bank ideas

2) We are a accelerator

3) We are a MVP facilitator

4) We support funding

5) We virtually run Startups

6) We take-care compliance

7) We Mentor Startups

8) We grow Startups

9) We catalyse product sales

10) We harbour value creation

ICEUNO is a one-stop solution for new age Ideation. The platform is compatible with Students, Stealth Mode Startups, Live Startups, Viral Startups.”

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