India’s own Travel Social Network pays for narrating travel experience


14 January 2019, Bengaluru, HUNGRYTRIPPER:

Travel is a passion to many and trying new places is a hobby for the well planned few. Most travel sites provide travel needs like ticketing, the cab aggregators provide convenient conveyance at the destinations and then we have the hotel sites that offer rooms at throwaway rates. But imaging all these at one place and that too in the vernacular language of your choice would be an awesome delight. Do you agree….

HUNGRYTRIPPER is the initiative that has all this and even more for regular travelers by road. HUNGRYTRIPPER is India’s first vernacular travel social network focusing on travelers among 235M Indian language internet users and beyond.

This social platform allows users to narrate their experiences on a journey with suggestions of right spots to dine and retire en-route. The narration if found as a guideline for people who embark on a similar journey awards the narrator with rewards that could be commercialized benefits.

HUNGRYTRIPPER is an all new way to see the world, an app and a website that puts interaction above booking. The first travel app and website to focus on Indian regional languages, traveler preference based smart suggestions, real time vendor connect, traveler connect, travel video discovery, user generated travel stories (Vernacular) and a social network, all on one single platform.

HUNGRYTRIPPER functions as a social media platform to help travelers post and discover user generated travel content in their language of choice across several travel categories. It builds a direct link between the organizer and the traveler to enable transparency, faster response and better pricing.

Each traveler can post query in their language, and a corresponding vendor will receive the query in the language of their choice, thereby bridging the communication gap. HUNGRYTRIPPER will help users compete with each other for positions in daily, weekly and monthly leader-boards for their contribution on app. Users will be rewarded with Paytm cash / Coupons etc.

HUNGRYTRIPPER focuses on Urban and Rural travelers who are avid social media users, who are mostly influenced by content in social media to plan their trip. Most of this segment is in tier 2 cities, who are Indian language internet users.

Co-Founders H A R I S H R A M A S A M Y and S I D H A R T H B E C K AYA hit upon this novel initiative, after initially conducting trips earlier. They uni-vocally claimed, “we noticed a lot of Indian language users taking trips, Even travelers who know English were more comfortable in their respective languages.”

This observation gave birth to HUNGRYTRIPPER, INDIA’S Own TRAVEL SOCIAL NETWORK, now in English, Hindi and Tamil.

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