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Marketing plan is the most important weapon that helps you make a niche in the ever-emerging market arena. To design an optimum plan you need to identify your markets, consumers and competitors. Based on your USP the team must document a foolproof marketing plan to become brand equity.

A perfect marketing plan is sure to convert your offerings into a brand to reckon. As the digital era steps in, the world is turning into a global village and you never know where your buyer is coming from. A 360 degrees approach is necessary to devise a perfect marketing plan. This is the only document that keeps changing as per the results, strategies offer. Working of each strategy has to be repeatedly evaluated and the best suitable strategies as per geographical demarcations need to be implemented.

Marketing plan needs to be documented with outcomes based on various criteria and this document needs to be updated regularly for optimal results. Fundamentally Marketing is classified into two types Digital and live marketing. The process for both these differ, however the objective is the same, to sell the offerings.

  1. In digital marketing, a decent website with powerful unique content plays a vital role. SEO and SEM are the two important weapons that should help in promoting the products across the info highway.
  2. In digital marketing, engaging the consumer with adequate product related content across social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram etc, gives most desirable results.
  3. Branding is the offspring of intense marketing and participating in events and trade fairs creates enormous awareness among consumers.
  4. Advertising in print and digital media aids in both digital and live marketing.
  5. Face-to-Face marketing plays a vital role in both digital and live marketing. You need to engage the consumer with adequate information about the products to take up a valid decision in your favour.

With a perfect marketing plan in hand your stocks are sure to evaporate in the markets. Ensuring these steps with always having a backup plan, success is not far away. This is part of the series of articles published by Way2World for your benefits. Pl share your experiences to grajkishan@gmail.com, to serve you better. With inputs from internet – Rajkishan


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