IIA invites startups to network with global counterparts at GYSC 2018


06 September 2018, Visakhapatinam, IIA

Innovations of similar genre could synergize to yield a better solution. Similarly same problems could have been solved at different places. Suppose all such innovators are brought on a single platform and are networked for better results, than the achieved solution would be phenomenal solving global problems.

Ideas are truly very important however decisions to take them forward play a crucial role in the formation of an enterprise. Such enterprises when get market validation done based on networking with other innovators of similar domain then the resultant entity, will scale greater heights. Indian Innovators Association (IIA) led by Shri Aynampudi Subbarao has been spearheading such revolutionary concepts in fostering better startup emergence.

In its latest endeavour, IIA would like to bring global innovators on a platform to help them design unique global solutions in consciences with their fellow ideators.

IIA’s “GLOBAL YOUNG SCIENTISTS CHALLENGE (GYSC 2018) is scheduled on the 8th and 9th of September in Visakhapatinam at Silver Oaks International School, Rushikonda. IIA released a notification in this regards and invited startups to rub shoulders with their global counterparts to enhance their innovations.

“Various arms of Indian Government, MHRD, AICTE, DSIT, Atal Incubation Center, NitiAyog, Indian Railways, Start-up India have all opened the doors for the youth of the country to come with their novel ideas to solve problems identified by various state and central government agencies.  Encouraged by the response, Smart India Hackathon 2018 now invites Non-Government Organisations too to chip in with their problem definition. Starting with ET Power of Ideas in 2009, the pool of ideas generated under various initiatives exceeds one lakh. However, there is concern about the quality of ideas and next decade will witness concerned efforts to improve quality of Ideas.

One of the proven ways to improve the quality of ideas is to have many different people enrich each others’ ideas before the ideas are considered for harvesting. The fact that more people share their valuable perspectives and experience on the ideas increases the quality dramatically. Innovative enterprises integrate idea crosspollination in their innovation process. For school children and other independent innovators a non-structured opportunity is needed to improve their ideas. Meetings with heterogeneous group of innovators can create that spark.

Global Young Scientists Challenge brings innovators from different part of the globe for cross pollination of ideas. Multiple ideas from creative minds – India, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Poland, Russia, Serbia, UAE, Egypt, Brazil will be on display. Working engineer Khalid from UAE has idea on E-Rain gate that will open automatically to discharge storm water. A problem known all across India and this solution proposed by Khalid can trigger new ideas for solution in Kerala to Uttarakand. Creative minds from Laos came with Solar Pencil Sharpener. The event will have 60 such ideas from abroad.

Heterogeneity is possible because of IFIA (International Federations of Inventors’ Associations) network which has members from 80 countries. Indian Innovators Association, the organiser of this event is a member of IFIA representing India.  The ideas we will see in India are award winning ideas from different international events. The ideas will be assessed by International jury chaired by Dr Zengpei Xuan, Deputy Secretary General, China Association of Inventions (CAI).  Apart from novelty assessment will also give weightage to the potential of the exhibited idea to spur thinking outside the national boundary.”

Way2World hopes many startups would join the event and get their solutions market validation from like-minded global innovators. With inputs from internet – RajKishan