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31 January 2019, Hyderabad, GTM VENTURES:   

Most StartUps embrace their solutions and disown the problem which results in slow development or zero development in scaling phase. Some of them even die in a very infant stage. Maximum such issues can be sorted out with a mentor who is well connected in cross country ecosystems.

StartUps are unique solutions to most persisting problems and not just commodities. Hence a pragmatic approach is needed to succeed.

This Hyderabad based StartUp is there to help StartUps turn as brands. In other words GTM VENTURES is a 360 growth hacker for StartUps. In an exclusive interview with Ravishekar Kalepu, founder of the Go-To-Market platform, a bird’s-eye view of the initiative that is practical and proven.

The US returnee is a Seed investor / StartUp mentor / CRM expert. An IT expert left his flourishing career to explore StartUp ideas and understanding the disruptive advantage in an innovative proposal. His intuitions have played a vital role in recognizing bold transformative ideas. He has worked closely with StartUps invested and fine-tuned their strategy with his expertise gained from two and a half decades of expertise in CRM management.

Let’s start our chat with the ‘WAY2WORLD ICON’, Ravishekar Kalepu to gather more insights of their USP.

How do you feel you will add value to the StartUp ecosystem: GTM VENTURES strives hard to reduce the mortality rate of upcoming StartUps, by handholding them technically, strategically, financially and helping them scale up the value chain in their StartUp cycle.

Our mission is connecting right kind of StartUps, on mutually beneficial terms for achieving better traction. We motivate ideators and mentor them while helping them with formalities and compliances through our elite list of associates.

What is the pain point you are addressing: GTM VENTURES basically is designed to help StartUps with ideal marketing strategies for reaching targets. Because this is where, most techventures fail and become obsolete. To enable them understand market dynamics and achieve market validation, we have a time tested process for agnostic entities.

What are your other initiatives: GTM VENTURES have developed customized solutions that are ideal strategies that enhance the value proposition to StartUps. We offer mentoring services on important domains like Idea validation, Technology, Networking, Product validation, Financial, Compliances, Market validation and Market infrastructure.

What makes you feel you will be a catalyst to growth hacking: GTM VENTURES is the brainchild of a team that has been a part of serial entrepreneurs, early stage investors and media personnel. These members have decades of rich legacy behind them in the national StartUp Ecosystem. We are a team of expertise enriched personnel with problem solving abilities and solution based proficiency, gained from our past experience in various fields. Though we have recently started we have a limited portfolio of ventures that are sure to rock the ecosystem with their innovative products. We partner with events to understand the flow of the innovations trend across the country.

What is your modus-operandi: GTM VENTURES offers mentorship and provides investment assistance to StartUps. We help founders visualize the industry nuances to excel. We handhold founders across various stages like PoC, MVP, Product-Market-Fit and GTM.  Because we realize that ‘we need to make what people want or desire.’ We motivate StartUp teams to stay focused and share the same vision. As this becomes the crux of their success.

What is your linear advantage: Our strengths are our expert mentors and associates who are ready to jump on board as per situational demands. We are intrinsic about evaluating every individual entity on a fortnightly basis and help them tweet their strategies for better outputs. We utilize data analytics based on data driven analysis to help founders visualize the impact of every individual strategy.

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