Kolkata’s GOKART simple strategy to give the best, economically

Kolkata GoKArt

10 November 2018, Kolkata, GOKART:

Getting the best at the most competitive rates without hustling or window shopping is a need for everyone. If doorstep delivery without the tension of moving across the traffic snares is also available, then the concept would be welcomed.

Getting groceries, stationary is a cumbersome task for many and this has to be repeated every month. To solve the pain, a young man from Kolkata has started GOKART. It is a Grocery Market that aims to sell all household grocery and Stationary needs with the lowest possible price.

It is basically a platform that acts like a personal assistant in bringing orders at the doorsteps with no added cost, hassle free and completely genuine. Sounds interesting!

However with almost every shopkeeper providing service at doorsteps and most e-commerce companies too doing the same, how is GOKART different?

One basic issue is still many are away from online shopping for various reasons. GOKART would be a boon for all those people who need to just call or WhatsApp their order….presto!  Material would be delivered at home.

Especially, there are still small cities and towns, unaware of such platforms and are still not ready to trust it completely GOKART will solve their problem by targeting such areas making it available by just a phone call away.

The smaller the areas, the better it would be to provide people with the best quality products, within no time and at the lowest cost possible.

In a candid chat with Way2World, GOKART Founder, SUMIT DEY briefed, ‘We sell Groceries and Stationary Products directly at your doorstep. The order can be made over a phone call, or by any messaging platform like Whatsapp or Facebook etc.

The products are made available directly to you with no 3rd party involvement. We understand your need and value of money and time. So sit back and relax.’

He added, ‘we are an eleven month old company catering 15 odd families in Kolkata and wish to expand as our initial testing is over and the product has surpassed the market endurance. With the initial experience we have customized the business model addressing all the pain points expressed by our consumers.’

What are your future plans, He immediately quips, ‘we plan to have own vehicles that would carry goods to the distant localities and set mobile shops to sell monthly grocery and stationary needs.’

Why do you think you would be successful, to this he says, ‘Simple we offer doorstep delivery of quality products at affordable rates.’ Adding, ‘this is a market for middle class who wishes to get the best things for the family and if they are able to get more at the same budgets why will anyone refrain.’  Very true!

Way2World wishes this young man load of luck to be successful in his endeavor. GOKART is not unique in its offerings. However the service motto and dedication, is interesting. With inputs from internet – RajKishan