Go Global India 2019 invites applications


03 October 2019 Bengaluru, Go Global India 2019:

    • Application Deadline: 06.10.19
    • Local Program Starts On: 26.10.19 (Friday and Saturday sessions @ Bangalore)
    • Travel Dates to UK: Early Dec 2019
  • Workshop venue: TiE Bangalore, Langford Town, Bangalore

An exciting opportunity unveils for India-based technology start-ups to build global solutions with their innovative initiatives. First time in India, Go Global India 2019 will bring in a new prospective dimension to Indian Startup Ecosystem.

The International Tech Hub Network: The UK government’s International Tech Hub Network and the newly launched UK-India Tech Hub is in search of talented start-ups to join the inaugural Go Global India 2019 program. Go Global has been a hugely successful program of the UK Israel Tech Hub since 2012 which has been rolled out successfully across Balkan and African countries.
This is a fantastic opportunity for start-ups using technology to tackle local issues, to participate in an exciting and intensive program to learn how to scale their start-ups and build global solutions.

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Why apply? We are looking for India-based technology start-ups to join their inaugural Go Global India programme between October and December 2019. This is a unique opportunity for innovative Indian start-ups using technology to solve local problems, to learn how to build their business to develop global solutions.

Successful start-ups will have the opportunity to improve their business skills; expand their capability; and build links with the UK’s thriving tech sector and UK expertise to take their business to the next level.

Dates to remember:

Application Deadline: 06.10.19 
Local Programme Starts On: 26.10.19, (Friday and Saturday sessions @ Bangalore)
Travel Dates to UK: Early Dec 2019

Workshop venue: TiE Bangalore, Langford Town, Bangalore

Eligibility Criteria

We are currently accepting applications to Go Global from digital tech start-ups based in India who fit the following criteria:

  • Post Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage with a live digital product in the market
  • Demonstrable evidence of some customer traction
  • Raised less than £2m of investment
  • Active in fields aimed to create a better future in India, such as Transport, Energy, Water, Connectivity, Digital Health, Fintech, Ed-tech, Govtech, Agritech
  • Led by a founder(s) with a strong sense of commitment and drive to strengthen the local ecosystem in India, through championing the programme and passing the knowledge to others. Ambitions to expand regionally and internationally in the future

If you have any questions about Go Global India 2019, please feel free to contact us: Shoma Jamil (shoma.jamil@culture.gov.uk), Sonal Patel (sonal.patel@culture.gov.uk).”

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