Wake up call for youth of the nation, come, express, impress, win – GDS-MUN


03 October 2018, Ahmadabad: GDS-MUN:

Brooding over present system

Want be the change

Think you have a better solution

Want people to hear you

Identified a problem

Have you got the courage to speak out and plan for a better solution-designing, then you should be at the Global Diplomats’ Summit – Model United Nations (GDS-MUN) Be a part of the change making process and get heard by the nation’s policy architects.

In a candid chat Nandini Agarwal (organizing committee) informed “GDS-MUN is for the youth, by the youth and of the youth. We would like the voice of the youth heard on various ongoing issues. A better solution for a much better tomorrow is needed.”

The Organizing Committee with four co-founders comprise of Mohammed Vohra, Nandini Agarwal, Jay khese and Raunak BHATIA. The core team has been working hard to make this massive event happen.

The official mailer invites, “GDS-MUN with immense honour and happiness would like to inform that we as an institution have took an initiative to provide a platform for the young leaders of today who possess all the qualities and talent to be the leaders of tomorrow to express and speak on issues of national and international importance.

Ahmedabad GDSMUN

The team at GDS-MUN visualise to provide a platform for Model United Nations of such nature which have never been explored by Ahmadabad and by this the aim of organisation is not only to create a conducive environment for MUN but also make Youth realize the hidden majestic power they possess within them today. The great Indian Monk, Swami Vivekananda very aptly stated that,

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in a man” We at Global Diplomats’ Summit have planned to institutionalize a Model United Nations in Ahmadabad, Gujarat on 6th and 7th of October, 2018at Club O7.

We invite you to come participate and join us in this moment of change. GDS-MUN has focused not only providing a better quality of hospitality but we also focus upon providing a wholesome experience of Model United Nations being it from Executive Board to the Organizing Committee in addition to the Special Guests gracing the event.

The Team at GDS-MUN has focused on creating a marque of MUN which Ahmedabad have never experienced before and in creating such an epitome of an event, the Sponsors support has been an invaluable honour for us.

To cater you we have been and are focusing on every aspect possible to MUN and it is our promise to deliver an experience of MUN to you as never before. It is indeed important to note that the vision behind organising such a marvellous event cannot be and will not be possible without your constant support.

We at, GDS-MUN have institutionalized this event not for any monetary gain but to uplift the level of Education in Ahmedabad. The aim is not to settle with only Ahmedabad but also to move further to whole of Gujarat.

In this event of lifetime, we hope and wish that you participate and join in the GDS-MUN, 2018. Model United Nations is not only about debating but it is also about socializing and that is why our registration fees include the Socials Night.

For any further Details you can visit our social media accounts with the name gdsmun or you can also contact us at either our website that is or you can also write us at You can also feel free to call and talk with us regarding any query at our mobile number that is +91-97258 93112.

Lastly we at Global Diplomats’ Summit-Model United Nations very rightly believe in what our Father of Nation, Shri. Mahatma Gandhi has stated that, “By Education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit”.

Registration link

Way2World hopes many youth would participate and express their opinion on the trending issues to take part in the national development. With inputs from internet – RajKishan