EnziBeta delivers nature like nutrition supplements


20 August 2019 Hyderabad, EnziBeta:

  • Nutrition deficiency is a major concern globally
  • Right nutrition assures human wellness and good health
  • Natural nutrition enhances the situation positively
  • Vegan proteins have universal appeal for growth
  • Prashant Gaur has a solution, CORDYCEPIN a Bioactive compound from CORDYCEPS

Nutritional deficiencies are on the rise owing to the adulteration in the foods that we eat today. Deficiency could be because of two reasons one is body fails to absorb vitamins from food intake or inadequate intake of quality foods. However nutrient deficiencies could lead to a variety of health issues and disturb normal life.

The issues could settle down once necessary intake of vitamins and minerals are consumed by the patient. Though there are many supplement medicines that compensate the deficiency, United States dietary Guidelines suggest that nutrients from food are more effective.

EnziBetaThe challenge out here is getting micronutrients from almost nature like resources and environment. Giving a solution to this impending problem, Prashant Gaur has come up with a product that boosts energy, protects heart health, balances cholesterol levels and gives many more positive effects in addition to regulating respiratory function.

In a candid chat, Prashant Gaur, briefed that EnziBeta Biotech Private Limited, founded in 2016 has created an expertise to manufacture nutrition molecule under nature like environment. They are right now incubated Life Science Incubator -2, IKP Knowledge Park, Genome Valley, Hyderabad.

What is the market scenario in supply of nutrition?

There is a wide gap with a demand in supply for nutritional molecule. We have developed two products CORDYCEPS (for human wellness) and Enzymatic Betaine (For Animals).

Tell us about your development process for human nutrition molecule?

Our product, Cordy+ is with improved process yields, decreased overall process time and unlike other product in market it is a vegan product.

What about the animal wellness molecule?

We are pioneering in producing Enzymatic Betaine in a nature like environment making it more natural unlike synthetic products available in the market.

Gist of the founding team:

Prashant Gaur: Versatile bench scientist & effective project manager with 17 years of experience in leading and managing R&D and pilot projects for process development – strain  selection & characterization, cell banking, fermentation and product recovery development.

Dr Ashwin: Scientist with 15 years of experience in frontier areas of bacterial and yeast molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry with publications in journals of international repute. Experienced in de-bottle necking and risk mitigation.

On the StartUp cycle where have you reached?

Enzibeta Biotech Pvt Ltd is a start-up company active in the field of biotechnology, having proprietary expertise in the field of microbial technology- process development and product recovery. We have two products right now, 1.Enzymatic betaine 2. Cordy+

So how did all this start?

Enzibeta Biotech Pvt Ltd was founded upon receipt of the BIG grant from BIRAC. We are funded under BIG scheme BIRAC and seed fund from IKP-TDB.

How do you look at the future of Cordy+?

We are in discussion with couple of groups for marketing. Stability studies in progress with a pro-biotic manufacturer. Product registration and necessary license are in place.

What is your strategy for Enzymatic Betaine?

Scale up and validation through third party trials to be initiated. We are in discussion with investors / government agencies for fund requirement for both the above projects.

How do you feel Enzymatic Betaine help the poultry industry?

Enzymatic Betaine is a natural multifunction compound provides energy and protects cells against osmotic stress. There is a performance gap between natural & synthetic betaine, mainly due to impurity profile Enzymatic betaine has properties & impurity profile similar to natural betain.

As a senior player what do you feel is the key to unlock success?

Determination and building the right team is the key to successful StartUp.

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