BugSpeaks personalized nutrition help fight against NCDs

19 August 2019 Bengaluru, Leucine Rich Bio:

  • Life style diseases and non-infectious diseases need better care
  • Tests should create personalized nutritional and probiotic results
  • Solution is possible only with deep knowledge in genomics data analysis
  • South Asia’s first microbiome company Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd.
  • South Asia’s first gut microbiome test – Bug Speaks®

Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs) or lifestyle diseases are the sidekicks of urbanization that has changed the living standards of every urbanite. Globally this menace kills around 36 Mn humans each year.

247 working schedules leading to sedentary lifestyles have been the order of the day. Thereby giving rise in Cardio, respiratory, cancer patients and more. Turn your newspaper and a lot of headlines are obituary homages, with most of the demises due to heart attacks. Risk factors are due to smoking, BP, unhealthy food regimes, zero exercise, over-weight, uneven sugar levels and over consumption of alcohol.

The facts are alarming can they be controlled, of course they can only be avoided a cure is a distant dream still. Leading a systematic life will only help us prevent from being attacked from these monsters. However purists argue that there is no guarantee that one will not be affected even after restricting from the extravaganzas of life.

The dreaded truth is that NCDs are at times cause morbidity and mortality. Hence what is the cure to this situation, the only solution to this mammoth problem is to get personalized nutritional and probiotic recommendations that could help you fight the war better.

This is the solution offered by three health experts Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Kumar Sankaran and Prabhath Manjappa, who have founded Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd in 2014 at Bengaluru.

Over 61 % of all deaths in India are due to lifestyle & non-communicable diseases. With growing cases of lifestyle & non-infectious diseases in India and around the world Leucine Rich Bio has a novel solution, Bug Speaks®. It is developed on a cutting edge, easy to use, at home gut microbiome test. Bug Speaks® detects susceptibility of 15 Diseases & Traits.

In a candid chat Dr Debojyoti Dhar briefed, Bug Speaks® Provides Pre-biotic, Probiotic & Nutritional Recommendations.

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What is the problem you wish to address?

Life style diseases and non-infectious diseases need a new approach for diagnosis and treatment.

How do you wish to change the present scenario?

We provide Gut microbiome based testing and report that can not only provide disease susceptibility information but can also lay personalized nutritional and probiotic recommendations.

What’s your core competence?

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd. is South Asia’s first microbiome company. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India. Since its inception in 2014 the company has pioneered the development and standardization of state-of-the-art analytics tools to analyse and interpret complex genomics data.

How was your journey till date?

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd. has worked with some of the best research institutes from across the world and has utilized its deep knowledge in genomics data analysis to develop South Asia’s first gut microbiome test – Bug Speaks®

Great tell us in brief about Bug Speaks®

Bug Speaks® is an In-house developed and patent pending matrix driven interpretation engine along with an in-house curated databases drive. Incidentally, Bug Speaks® is also a part of India’s first gut microbiome based clinical trial.

What is the progress with Bug Speaks®?

Bug Speaks® test has been launched in select cities and the test is being made available pan India.

Accolades help in validating our product, please let us know about yours?

Leucine Rich Bio has been awarded “Frost & Sullivan award” for cloud enabled technology in genomics in the APAC region and has been covered in press most recently in Economic Times’ ET Prime and India Bio-science to name a few. Leucine Rich Bio has also won Super StartUp Asia 2019 award.

How are things moving forward?

Leucine Rich Bio is collaborating with HCG cancer hospital, one of the leading cancer hospitals in India for studying the role of oral microbiome in oral cancer patients.

What is your USP?

Leucine Rich Bio is working on key areas like preventive healthcare, precision medicine and data driven drug discovery. This is an end-to-end strategy in the disease-diagnosis-treatment-recovery cycle.

How do we get our hands on Bug Speaks®?

Bug Speaks® is available online through a dedicated consumer focus website – and also through channel partners. The test is being also prescribed by hospitals and clinics for gastroenterology patients.

How do you foresee the journey?

In future, we intend to make the test available to cancer patients, people with metabolic syndrome, diabetes and depression. This test will become the “go-to” test in cancer, gastroenterology and anxiety and depression in coming years

Something for the upcoming founders please!

Patience is the key to success. To transform a great idea to product and then to lead it to market acceptance needs lot of patience and perseverance. Enjoy the journey and be prepared for the long haul flight of crests and troughs.

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