Do not be surprised when you call an office the operator addresses you by your name and you feel elevated, in reality it could be AI enabled IVRS audio.

The voice could help you with trouble shooting of your machinery or suggest you the best mobile phone available in your budgets. Whatever be the question you must be getting a satisfied and need of the hour answer.

The whole world is now talking about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) and its impact on various domains of business. Technology had been evolving ever since civilizations started taking shape.

Every new development did face its hurdles and reluctance. However, most won the battle. The new developments overcame the older versions yielding advantageous proposition to users.

From fixed lines to smart mobiles, B&W to colour, cycles to mo-bikes and numerous more. Inspite of a few hazardous outputs, in general eased the way of life for all of us.

The next in the line that is spreading across nations like wild fire, AI and no one can ignore the same.We have been using this aspect since the advent of search engines. That was deep learning, where tasks where disseminated and the output was on a limited platform. As advancement, machine learning took over with, machines completing a particular task, as per user preferences. The most recent advancement is all these and more bundled up as AI.

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A report states, “AI is the study of devices that perceive their environment and define a course of action that will maximize its chance of achieving a given goal.”

AI is enhancing innovations across many domains globally, enabling better performance of business worldwide.

AI has a direct positive impact on the optimum usage of resources in business. This could be achieved “through automated planning scheduling, optimizing workflows, optimizing supply chains and optimizing logistical pathways”, to name a few.

This is possible as AI can assimilate results while considering large data sets. AI is the best tool for small businesses to develop new enterprises. Big data with AI are sure to change the way we look at things in future.

For example, an AI platform enabled travel service provider would suggest us the best and economical place to spend the vacation and suggest the best route too.

A real estate platform that is AI enabled would suggest the most economical rental accommodations and ideal investment options that are sure to flourish in the coming future.

On the other hand, AI banking platform could assist non-educated subscribers ease of transacting with voice assistance. With AI, machines can now react to voice commands, drive automobiles, recommend your preferences and independently perform financial transactions. This is just a tip of the iceberg and many more advancements in AI sector are sure to take us by surprise.

Way2World salutes the intellectual brains behind this stupendous success that is sure to enhance living standards of common person globally. Finally, we are ending up in the robotic world for good. With inputs from internet – RajKishan