AGVA Mobile Ventilators, boon for ICU bedridden patients

Cheapest Portable Ventilator

02 June 2019, India, AGVA Mobile Ventilators:

  • World’s cheapest portable ventilator for just Rs 45,000, domestic one for Rs 35,000
  • Professor Diwakar Vaish & Dr Deepak Aggarwal develop low cost life-saving device
  • Cheapest portable ventilators cost around Rs 4-5 lakh that are bulky and need tech assistants
  • AgVa Healthcare’s portable ventilator can run off the room air and provide ventilation
  • Patients can stay at home instead of having to live in the hospital

Healthcare is the most important domain that needs technical revolution to change the present phase of diagnosis and treatment that is out of common man’s reach. India with a population of over a billion needs sound innovations in this sector to make medical treatment affordable to the masses.

Terminally ill patients who are brain alert and body immobile need to live on ventilators and wait for the miracle to happen for them to get back to normal life.

As per reports, there are many patients who live even for five plus years waiting for revival, on ventilators. Inspite of medical advancements the plight is uncontrollable. In addition to this there are numerous patients who cannot afford these treatments.

This has purely become an affluent proposition as very few government units are available for the needy. Most of them are at the corporate hospitals which cater the upper middle class.

However in such cases, patients and equally their family members suffer. Though we have not devised methods to make treatment affordable, euthanasia is under the judiciary purview.

Never the less, not all is as gloomy as pictured. A seasoned neuro surgeon Dr Deepak Agarwal and an expert robotics professor Diwakar Vaish have created world’s cheapest portable ventilator that utilises your mobile as a monitor.

This sleek model needs no technical expert to handle and is affordable. It can fit anywhere as the machine can run off the room air functioning with precision.

AgVa Healthcare’s portable ventilator is the brain child of these two innovators who wanted to break the monotony and provide affordable medical care to all alike. The fixed tablet (or mobiles) displays vitals such as pulse, blood pressure, etc. making this small device a complete ventilator.

Way2World appreciates their sincere efforts and hopes more such innovators address pain points as opportunities, easing living standards. Dr Deepak Agarwal is a renowned neuro surgeon in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi. He is also the neuro science professor in the same organisation.

On the other hand, Professor Diwakar Vaish, is a serial innovator and seasoned robotics guru. He has earlier invented MANAV ROBOT, Smarath BRAIN CONTROLLED WHEELCHAIR and 3D printed Robotics prosthetic arm.

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