Leading apparel, fashion accessories brands are sweating out in the metros and tier one cities and blame the ecommerce giants eating away their loyalty base. However, one man’s vision has made a brand scale unbelievable heights within five years. It is a classic example of ‘where to reach’ with the right strategy of ‘arranging the supply where real demand exists.’

1 INDIA FAMILY MART is the brainchild of retail management guru JAY PRAKASH SHUKLA, or fondly known as JP Bhai by his associates. Along with RAVINDER SINGH, JP founded NYSAA RETAIL PVT LTD, the holding company of 1 INDIA FAMILY MART, India’s fastest growing Value Retail Chain operating in category B, C and D towns.

The main vision of the founding team was to provide latest affordable fashion and general merchandise to the rural consumers who were not getting these benefits unlike their city bred brothers.

JP is synonym for success amidst the retail business circles after his vast expertise in the domain. He held very senior positions, for two decades, at various renowned retail giants like Big Bazar (Future Group), Adani Retail, Indiabulls Retail and  Salasar Retail.

Under his able leadership 1 INDIA FAMILY MART has grown by leaps and bounds and cruising ahead giving many big brands run for their money. Started as a solitary showroom in UP in 2013, with a handful of employees, today is a renowned brand across Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and the North East with 59 flagship own stores giving employment to 1600 people across these states.

In five years span 1 INDIA FAMILY MART reached INR 500 cr tag and steadily moving ahead to reach 100 stores by 2020. Big ambitious plan, however with JP at the helm nothing is impossible, feel team members.

Actually what is the secrets of JP contributing for this phenomenal rise, lets probe. In a candid chat with WAY2WORLD, he revealed the secrets behind their success.

Ample shopping area, approx 8000 sft, wide ranges, very competitive pricing topped up with irresistible offers, aesthetic ambience and providing the look & feel of a mall for the rural consumer has been the key to success on the store fronts.

On the financial fronts, he says they work on effective inventory management, which makes them ever filled with the right kind of stocks sought out by buyers. This they achieve by uniformly validating the buying instincts in the rural segments using big data analyticals. This only proves that this retail chain is not only adequately equipped with update fashions but also utilizes update technology to fulfill the vision of the founders.

Hard working smart work is always recognized, 1 INDIA FAMILY MART won the most coveted IMAGES MOST ADMIRED FASHION FORWARD RETAILER OF THE YEAR at the INDIA FASHION FORUM 2018.

JP is the WAY2WORLD ICON of the day with his stupendous growth story that is inspirational and worth reckoning for upcoming startups across any domains. Because startup culture only emphasizes to address the pain points of the common man by improving the life standards of the society and success will follow.

Without the foresight of this stalwart, many rural youth would have to travel to cities to make a fashion signature in their circles. WAY2WORLD salutes 1 INDIA FAMILY MART team for innovative strategy of bringing fashion updates to the rural doorsteps. With inputs from internet – RajKishan